West Java' government and British-based company, Plastic Energy, has agreed to build a plastic waste processing plant into biodiesel in early 2020 with a project investment value of US$ 214.3 million - Photo: Privacy.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – West Java’ provincial government and British-based Plastic Energy, has agreed to build a plastic waste processing plant into biodiesel in early 2020. The project is estimated need costs US$214.3 million and become the first in Southeast Asia.

The signing agreement took place after West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil met with the CEO of Plastic Energy Carlos Monreal in London, England, on Monday (07/22). The meeting was also attended by the Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya and several regional officials and West Java-based entrepreneurs.

The acceleration of the development will be the solution to the problem of plastic waste that has been complained by the public, especially pollution of the Citarum River and the sea.

This agreement is a continuation of the meeting of the British Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik with Kamil in September last year. During the meeting, they agreed to collaborate, including discussions on infrastructure development including the Light Rail Transit and the railroad, as well as waste processing technology.

The governor is targeting the project’ assessment until the licensing process is completed later this year and the construction begin in January 2020. The regional government will provide rental land for Plastic Energy, accelerate the licensing process, and distribute plastic waste to be processed into energy in the form of  biodiesel.

At the same time, Monreal hopes that the licensing process can be completed immediately so that he can start the project as targeted by Kamil’ order. Plastic Energy itself in accordance with the contract will also assist the project’ feasibility study.

Monreal explained that from one ton of plastic waste it produces 85 liters of biodiesel that can be used for cars, trucks, including garbage trucks. Whil, Kamil explained, there are five regions that will be built to process plastic waste into biodiesel, namely Bogor, Bandung Raya, Bekasi, Tasik (East Priangan), and Cirebon. The investment value of each location worth of $45 million.

As a stage, it will first build in Bogor and Greater Bandung. In Bogor, the factory construction site will be in the Galuga area of ​​20 hectares, while in Bandung Raya the development will be in the Gedebage area of ​​around 10 hectares.

The governor also stated that the investors also did not impose a tipping fee for the regional government, as long as it has become a problem when there is a waste processing plant.

Former Mayor of Bandung explained, there were two ways of delivering plastic waste to Plastic Energy, like pure plastic waste and two mixed waste which would be sorted by Plastic Energy. Of the 1,000 tons of garbage, about 100 tons of plastic waste is taken.

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