The Secretary General of the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association Henri Kashfi Soemartono speaking in a press conference and Behavior Survey Internet Penetration Indonesia 2017 in Jakarta.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The growth of internet penetration in Indonesia throughout 2017 rose slightly to 54.68 percent. The data revealed in the release of the survey results Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association on Monday (02/19).

Survey penetration and behavior of Internet users in Indonesia throughout 2017 that takes data from 2,500 respondents. Some interesting facts about sundries internet in Indonesia was revealed.

Secretary General of the association Kashfi Soemartono Henri explained, from a total of 262 million people, a total of 143.26 million people are estimated to have used the internet. Penetration rate is somewhat slightly higher than the previous year, 132.7 million.

The organization categorize character area based on the amount of GDP in the region. Urban area is a largely administrative area GDP comes from non-agricultural sectors.

While rural-urban is a large administrative regions balanced GDP came from agriculture and non-agriculture sectors. Whereas rural areas are mostly administrative region’s GDP comes from the agricultural sector.

Internet penetration in urban areas has reached 72.41 percent, while in the urban-rural (second tier region) nearly half of the population that is 49.49 percent. But in rural areas are still less that 48.25 percent.

“While penetration in urban high enough but for my friends who are in rural areas and rural urban course to roll out fiber optics in 60 million homes in Indonesia it is almost impossible. In the future, we will equip the cable with the satellite to reach remote areas. Serving were all members of our member to balance the penetration of 70 percent of the rural and rural to urban areas,” He said.

The internet users are still predominantly in Java, around 57.70 percent. Followed by Sumatra undergoing the adoption of the Internet by 47.29 percent. Areas that suffered least of internet penetration in Maluku-Papua with a percentage of 41.98 percent.

“If seen, Java accounted for 58.08 percent and still dominates. Sumatra accounted for only 19.09 percent of internet penetration composition. The area of ​​the lowest accounted internet adoption is Maluku-Papua is 2.49 percent. This may be increased future with the completion of the Palapa Ring, “said Henri.

The Chairman Jamallul Izza added that the Palapa Ring will increase 65 to 70 percent Internet penetration in Indonesia by 2019. Satellite Internet itself will be realized Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in 2020.

“If there Palapa Ring can be a big improvement over the internet. The increase could be up to 65 to 70 percent. At least in 2020 we try to provide internet satellite for remote areas,” said Jamal.