Subianto Promises to Slice Electricity Price, Widodo Extends Autonomy Fund
Two Indonesian surveyor, Vox Populi Research Center and Charta Politika, puts Joko Widodo - Ma'ruf Amin pair ahead Prabowo Subianto - Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – After questioning vice presidential candidate Ma’ruf Amin status as commissioner of two State Own Enterprises (SOE), Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno’ legal team challenged the Joko Widodo campaign fund report in 2019 presidential election.

The opposition’ team considered the incumbent pair violated the election law, especially on honesty and fairness principle in submitting finance reports.

Opposition attorney’ member, Denny Indrayana, said in an official statement that there were many irregularities committed by the Widodo’ team in the data they had gathered to General Election Commission (GEC). These violations are related to reports on receipt of campaign fund contributions.

“The election law required participant to make report on campaign funding contributions to the public,” he said on Wednesday (06/12).

Subianto-Uno‘ legal team considered the incumbent to be dishonest and fair and contrary to the law. Honest and fair vocabulary is stated in article 22 E paragraph (1) on the Constitution as the highest legal basis. Vocabulary must be implemented, including reported donations of funds to the public, they said.

Legal team chief, Bambang Widjajanto, added the irregularities of the report on the acceptance of campaign funds for the incumbent on April 25. Its written personal contributions with details of Rp19.5 billion (US$1.3 million) in cash and Rp25 million in goods.

“In the report announced by the General Election Commission (GEC) on April 12, Widodo’ assets in the form of cash and cash equivalents only amount to Rp6.1 billion. There is a question, whether within 13 days the assets in the form of cash and equivalents rises up to Rp13.3 billion,” said Widjajanto.

The receipt of campaign fund contributions in the form of donations come from three groups that have the same taxpayer number addresses and the same leader identity in Semarang, Central Java. Total donation from the groups reached Rp33.9 billion.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) stated that there were contributions from two other groups, each contributed as much as Rp18.1 billion from TRG Golfer, and the TBIG Golfer Association as much as Rp19.7 billion.

According to opposition legal team, both groups were from the incumbent treasurer and were thought to accommodate the donation mode. First, accommodating contributors who did not want to know their identity.

Second, accommodating individual donations who exceeded the campaign fund limit of Rp2.5 billion, a technique of solving donations and disguising the original source of campaign funds is expected to be common in elections.

The teams assessed this fact confirmed the existence of a violation of honesty and fairness principle in the submission of the reports on campaign fund receipts. It also violates the election law article 525 Number 7 Year 2017.

They also explained that there was a morality issue which should be a concern in determining the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the upcoming years.

“The Court as the guardian of the constitution and the protector of democracy should dig deeper into this matter in order to realize substantive justice,” they ended.

While, the legal team also find Amin still officiate as the board commissioner of two SOEs unit, PT Bank Mandiri Syariah and PT BNI Syariah. According to election law, all candidates in the general election must released their position if run as president, vice president or parliamentarian nominee.

The effort of Subianto – Uno legal team to win the presidential election will start to review by the Constitutional Court on Friday. The incumbent’ legal team believed they have guns to avoid the opposition challenge.

Written by Willy Matrona, Email: