Subianto Highlights the Weakness of Defense in Widodo' Era
Prabowo Subianto Promised will Increase Defense and Security Budget Which Currently Reached Rp107.58 trillion (US$7.63 billion) - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Candidate President of Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto got his first turn to deliver his vision and mission in the 4th presidential debate on Saturday night (03/30). This debate raised the theme of ideology, government, defense, and security, as well as foreign policy.

In his presentation, he touched defense and security issues in the era of Joko Widodo administration. Therefore, Subianto stressed that if he is elected president of the 2019 Presidential Election which will be held on April 17, he will increase this defense and security budget, which currently reached Rp107.58 trillion (US$7.63 billion).

“In the field of defense security we are too weak, our budget is too small. We will fix this,” he said.

Subianto assessed that Indonesia’ national security was far more vulnerable than expected. He attributed weak economic conditions in the Widodo era so that the military budget was very small. He criticized the wealth and natural resources controlled by foreign parties.

So he proposed two ways: first, increasing the national defense budget, but for that, we must create a system that stops the outflow of national wealth. Second, ensuring the nation is free from corrupt practices and systems as Indonesia’s core problems.

In the end, diplomacy according to the opposition needs to be part of an effort to defend national interests, and therefore diplomacy can only succeed and must be supported by national strength and strength.

“If our country is not strong, they [diplomatic partners] will only smile … but that will not stop them from assessing the strength of our nation. If we remain ‘good men,’ nothing will change. If there are foreign fleets and ships in our oceans, what can we do? So it’s not because I don’t believe in the Indonesian National Army. I sacrifice my life in the military,” the contender stated.

Therefore, the opposition also proposed that all airports and ports not be managed by foreign parties. This is not because we oppose strangers. This concerns our national security and sovereignty. We are worried that foreign companies operate our ports and airports, and that one day our interests are different, they can close our airways, he added.

Ports and airports are our airways, how a country ‘breathes’ and lives on. In the military, we are trained to secure vital and strategic objects … maybe it’s a port, airport, or train station, or a crossroads, said Subianto.

He also stressed that government agencies are transparent and free from corruption. The former army officer questioned the rampant sale and purchase of positions in the ministry led by Widodo and stressed that such things would not happen again if he led Indonesia.

According to Subianto, it is the corrupt and economical state system that makes Indonesia’s value in foreign policy so far less influential.

“We are not fully respected because they know Indonesia owes too much, that Indonesia has a weak currency, imports food even though it is an agrarian country,” he said.

Subianto said that he fought for a strong Indonesia, stood on his own feet so that his people prospered and were respected and increased Indonesia’s bargaining power in the global economy.

Regarding ideology, he wants leaders to exemplify Pancasila values in society. According to him, the leader must be able to create a soothing atmosphere.

In addition, the opposition also wants Pancasila to be taught early. The method is to include Pancasila in the education curriculum starting from elementary school to college level. “Even though we don’t want to use indoctrination, we must incorporate Pancasila into our nation’s education,” he said.

Only through that can we reach a universal understanding that can be agreed upon, because this is an agreement that defines us as an independent nation.

Subianto also clarified the accusation that he supported the idea of ‘Khilafah’ to replace the Pancasila as the basis of the state. He emphasized the character of his soldier who, from the age of 18, had risked his life to defend the ideology.

“There are those among Widodo’s supporters who accused that I’m in support of a ‘Khilafah’ and that I will ban prayers, and other [religious] activities. This doesn’t make sense. My mother was a Christian. At 18 years old, I put my life on the line to fight for Pancasila, I bet on my life for this Republic. How can I be accused of changing the Pancasila? It’s so cruel,” he said.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: