CEO of PLN Director Sofyan Basir PLN Managing Director Sofyan Basir was Examined by the KPK on the Riau-1 Power Plant Project Bribery Case - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Chief executive of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) Sofyan Basir was mentioned in the trial of alleged bribery of the Riau-1 coal-based power plant project has requesting a commitment fee from former Singapore’s coal producer Blackgold Natural Resources Ltd., (SSX: 41H) shareholder Johannes Kotjo.

The former deputy chairman of Commission VII of the Indonesian parliament, Eni Maulani Saragih, who was questioned during the trial on Thursday (11/10) conveyed Basyir request when the three – her, the CEO of PLN and Kotjo – met at the Fairmont Hotel in mid-2017.

“Sofyan Basir requested attention. But, it’s not good to talk about the problem in front of Eni. He doesn’t feel good if you have a mother. And I have solved sensitive matters with him yesterday,” Saragih said, imitating Kotjo at the trial.

She also claimed have obtained a promise from former chairman of the parliament Setya Novanto to be given shares and money if she could push on the Riau-1 and make Kotjo involved in the project.

For information, the Corruption Eradication Commission has named three suspects in the alleged corruption bribery of the PLTU Riau-1 project. Besides Kotjo, Saragih, also named former Social Minister Idrus Marham as suspects.

The corruption watch charged Kotjo with giving bribes to Saragih in the amount of Rp4.75 billion (US$327.59 million) so that he could get the Riau-1 project. According to the prosecutor, several times she facilitated a meeting between Kotjo and Basir, so that the project would fall into the hands of the Singapore’s Blackgold Natural Resources Ltd.

Blackgold received a Letter of Intent (LoI) from PLN to obtain Power Plant Purchase Agreement of Riau-1 project in January 2018. The consortium consists of BlackGold, PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali, PT PLN Batubara and China Huadian Engineering Co., Ltd.  The consortium will develop, construct, operate and maintain a 2 x 300 megawatts power plant project.

Under the LoI, the Consortium will incorporate a definitive PPA with PLN upon the fulfillment of certain terms and conditions as laid down in the LoI. Upon receipt of the LoI, the consortium will form a joint venture for the Riau-1 Project to finalize a long-term fixed-term fixed-use agreement with BlackGold subsidiary PT Samantaka Batubara to supply coal to the Riau-1 Project.

Blackgold’s shareholder Johanes Kotjo hand-catch by Indonesia’s Anti Graft on Power Plant Project in Indonesia – Photo : Privacy

Quoted from various sources, Kotjo is a conglomerate that entered one of the 150 richest people in Indonesia with a fortune of $267 million in 2016. He also known to be one of the shareholders in BlackGold. The company is engaged in the field of multinational energy.

Before being arrested by corruption watch, Kotjo was also held in police custody in March 2001. Police arrested him after being accused in the case of embezzlement and fraud. The detention is a continuation of the development of the takeover case of PT Kanindotex owned by Robby Tjahjadi.

In that case Kotjo allegedly committed embezzlement and fraud funds of $70 million. The case rose to the surface after Tjahjadi as a reporting witness submitted the scandal to Police Headquarters.

Previously, Johannes and his colleagues who joined in PT APAC Inti Corpora Tbk (IDX: MYTX)- Bambang Trihatmodjo, Bambang Riyadi Soegomo, and Vishnu Suhardono have been sued Tjahjadi to the South Jakarta District Court.

This issue began in 1995 when the Kotjo consortium intends to take over Kanindotex. At that time, Tjahjadi’s textile company was in debt at least Rp 936 billion. In order for this business to run, the consortium promised to inject fresh funds.

Rp 539 billion of aid will be used to increase production capacity and for working capital of Rp 170 billion. However, in line with the economic crisis, Kanindotex – now known as APAC Core Corpora – has collapsed. In the end, the company is included in the supervision of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency.

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