The Constitutional Court heard the testimony of witnesses from Opposition

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The testimony of witnesses from Prabowo Subianto – Sandiago Salahuddin Uno’ camp showed the fraud evidences during the 2019 general election. At the hearing at the Constitutional Court the lawyers team bring 15 witnesses including two experts.

Haerul Anas Suaidi testified that the incumbent capitalized all assets to win the president election. The incumbent also uses apparatus and State budget for the campaign program.

He got the data while attending a training for Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin campaign team. At that time the speakers were the President itsel, Chief of Presidential Staff Moeldoko, Secretary of Demokrasi Perjuangan party Hasto Kristyanto, Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo, General Election Commissions, Election Supervisory Agency and Election Organizers Honorary Board.

In the material presented by Moeldoko who was the chairman of the National Campaign Team, it was explained that fraud was part of democracy in Indonesia.

“This material was uploaded to a drive and aired when Mr. Moeldoko was not mistaken,” Suaidi said.

In the training which was attended by the witness, also the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo explained that the state apparatus should not be neutral.

“Among them is the Central Java Governor who stated that the apparatus should not be neutral. If the apparatus is neutral for what? This is conveyed about 2-3 times,” he said ata the court late Wednesday.

He also found many peculiarities in the Election Commission Calculation Information System. The first is not real time, there are many input errors at 72,000 polling stations, the number of votes zero is quite large and illogical, the number of votes incumbent is more than the number of the Permanent Voters List.

“Until June 15, based on the data, Calculation Information System Error input 10,595 cases, incumbent voters exceeded the number of attendance 5,394 cases, the votes emptied there were 741 cases and 9,313 voters in polling stations,” he added.

Bio metric software development expert Jaswar Koto, who was presented by the opposition legal team, revealed that there was a pattern of data input errors in the General Election Commissions’ (GEC) Calculation Information System that harms presidential and vice-presidential candidate pair number 02.

He said the pattern of miscalculations in the Calculation Information System tended to inflate the number of incumbents and reduce the voice of the opposition.

According to Koto, strangeness occurred in West Java, Central Java and East Java. Information System Calculation by editing, regarding the C1 card found 27.94 million stealth permanent voters list in the form of underage voters and empty voter votes number 02 out of 110 million population.

“We found a pattern of errors starting from the entry of data to inflate the sound 01, then the C1 card and I suspect the final voter list was used to change the C1 card,” said Koto.

While structured fraud through the use of method 7 IT forensics based on data entry error analysis, presidential voters versus Regional Representative Council, C1 Card, Photo Viewer, Google Cloud Platform, Comparison of C1 Cards and ELA methods.

“I use data in 21 provinces and find something that has been edited. We found there are stealth and dual Identity Number data,” he added.

While, other expert Soegianto, who is a lecturer at Airlangga University explained that he tried to snapshot all data Calculation Information System. He made a robot to monitor the GEC’ Calculation Information System page three times a day from April 17 to April 20.

“From the data we collected there were 351,653 Witness of Opposition Provides Information on the 2019 General Election Fraud,” adds by Koto.

After heard the testimony of opposition witnesses, today the court will hear the incumbent, GEC and Election Watchdog witnesses. Its expecting at June 28, the panel judges will announce the decision.

Written by Willy Matrona, Email: