United States President Donald Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un didn't reach an agreement in Hanoi Meeting - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — World’ expectation over the Korean Peninsula peace broke out, as United States President Donald Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un didn’t reach an agreement in Hanoi meeting. No deal met due to the US couldn’t approve North Korea’ demand to lift all of its sanctions.

The leaders planned to sign a joint agreement at 2 p.m. after lunch. But the plan collapsed abruptly before a working lunch schedule.

Trump walked out as he considered Kim’ offering is not enough. Kim only offered to dismantle North Korea’ main nuclear facility at Yongbyon. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that even without Yongbyon site, North Korea would still possess missiles and other nuclear programs.

“Sometimes you have to walk. I could have signed an agreement today and then you people would have said, ‘oh, what a terrible deal’,” said Trump during press conference.

The agreement signing, described Trump, wasn’t appropriate. He claimed that he wants to take off the sanctions so badly because he wants North Korea to grow. But on the other hand, he also wants North Korea to give up more.

Afterwards, Trump said that he would call the leaders of South Korea and Japan immediately after leaving Hanoi. So far, Trump and Kim weren’t planning on another meeting yet. They only had a handshake before leaving the Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel.

“There’s a warmth that we have. We’re positioned to do something very special,” mentioned Trump.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in an official statement that Trump and Kim had a very good and constructive meetings in Hanoi. They discussed various ways to advance denuclearization and economic driven concepts. Even though there was no agreement reached at this time, but both US and North Korea look forward to another meeting in the future.

Previously, Trump had said that he wasn’t in a rush to reach a denuclearization deal with North Korea. He mentioned that he wants an agreement in the right moment.

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