Observer: Widodo, Subianto Likened to Generals with Different Strategies

Jokow Widodo versus Prabowo Subianto - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Executive Director of Median  Rico Marbun has likened President Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto as two military generals who applied different war strategies in their political campaigns to win the presidential election in 2019.

“President Widodo and his running mate Ma’ruf Amin use scorched earth strategy to destroy anything that might be useful to the enemy while they are advancing through or withdrawing from a location and blockade,” Marbun told reporters in Jakarta on Friday (14/09).

On the other side, he said, their rival presidential candidate Subianto and vice presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno use a guerilla strategy. Marbun highlighted a number of Widodo’s latest activities as Indonesian president.

“The majority of Widodo’s events in the latest week were meant to maximally bombard all levels of voters with image building.” he added.

According to him, Widodo’s foreign visits, especially to South Korea and Vietnam, are not only functioned as state visit as it is also part of image building efforts. He said, “The nuance of image building is quite strong.”

Marbun explained in detail on why he mentioned the visit as image building. In South Korea, for example Widodo did not only talk about work achievement. Indonesian netizens were excited by pictures of Widodo along with K-Pop group Super Junior (Suju).

With the photos of him and Suju, the president were targeting voters from K-Pop dance fans in Indonesia from all ages. In Vietnam, he continued, Widodo specifically accompanied Go-Jek to enter into Vietnam market. Indonesian public was presented with pictures and massive  information on Widodo and jobs like millenials.

“Beside a bombardement of image building campaigns,  a wave of opposition’ street protests is hampered also. In various areas, protest from #2019GantiPresident also faced some difficulties,” said the observer.

On Subianto-Uno’ strategy, he stated, they use guerrilla style in a revolution. Guerrilla is a common strategy used by a weaker group to fight against stronger or superior group.

“The first principle of this strategy is to emphasize on one party’s higher moral justification over the enemy. In the context of presidential election Subianto does not need higher competitive branding. His main focus is to make his rival as the source of suffering and damage to the public,” adds by Marbun.

By using revolution strategy, he considered that there is no need for both candidates to convince the people that they are better than their contender. All they need is just to convince the people that if Widodo leads the country again, the voters will have difficulties in their life and their future will be dark.

If Subianto succeeds in convincing the public on the harmful effects of Widodo’ re-election, all his image building efforts will have no effects. Such condition may lead to the people power movement that will hamper the steps of Widodo to win the election.

Uno in Marbun’s opinion is showing his aggressiveness in attacking political rival. “We can also see how Uno has taken attacking positions, for example by asking  governors and regents who support Widodo to focus on their jobs in their respective areas rather than campaigns,” he said.

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