VP Jusuf Kalla during his visit to Palu in Central Sulawesi - Photo by VP Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) –  Indonesia’s Vice President Jusuf Kalla confirmed that he had met with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the United Nation General Assembly Meeting in New York, United States. He said that the meeting was held spontaneously and not in the official events or secret.

“We talked about peace, and how his stance on it. What we can help for Palestinian position. How Israel. It just happened, help each other. It is not a secret meeting, ‘ said Kalla in Jakarta last week.

He said that the Palestinian peace can be reached ,if the Palestine and Israle agreed for peace. Kalla stated, “A peace should be between the two parties.”

Kalla explained that many state leaders attended the UN meeting. At least 190 head of states including presidents, vice presidents, until prime ministers.  In the meeting there were many joint events for head of states.
“So I met with anyone, why should I refuse? Or suddenly avoided. What is important is hat we know what is in the Israeli mind. If we want to help peace in a country, we have to know both parties,” he explained.

He assured, there is no personal meeting. Kalla stated, “No personal meeting when we arranged the meeting. It was a multilateral meeting, all members of the United Nation. We can not avoid fellow members of UN”.

Recently, Indonesia decided to ban the entry of Israelis in response to the escalation on the Gaza border. Israel responded in kind, barring Indonesian nationals from entering the country.

Indonesia’s announcement came two weeks after it was expected—in an unprecedented move—to begin granting tourist visas to Israelis.

The world’s largest Muslim nation, has no diplomatic ties with Israel, some 40,000 Indonesians visit Israel every year, with statistics consistently on the rise. Indonesian tourists, most of them pro-Israel Christians, usually visit Israel for five days as a part of a larger regional trip which includes Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Dozens of Indonesian businessmen also travel to Israel every year, in addition to medical tourists. According to Israel’s Tourism Ministry data, some 18,500 Indonesian visitors arrived in the country since the beginning of 2018. In addition to tourists, dozens of Israeli businessmen travel to Indonesia on “sponsorship visas.”

Written by Staff Editor, Email: theinsiderstories@gmail.com