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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia’ Supreme Court has ruled in favor of petitioners of a lawsuit against  the General Election Commission (GEC) Rules Number 20 Year 2018 that bans former graft convicts to be nominated again as members of parliament. By the ruling, former graft convicts have chances to fight for parliamentary seats in the legislative election in 2019.

“The Supreme Court has accepted the petition of lawsuit against the General Election Commission. Its regulation was found in contradiction with the law,” said Supreme Court spokesman Suhadi in Jakarta o Friday (14/09).

The petition was decided on Sept. 13, 2018 by a plenary judges consisting Irfan Fachrudin , Yodi Martono, and Supandi. Through the ruling, the ban on former graft convicts to be nominated again in the legislative election is revoked.

“Yes (former graft convicts ) based on the procedure regulated in Law Number 7 /2017 and Constitutional Court ‘s ruling,” he said.

The judges said that the GEC’ regulation is in contradiction with article 240 verse 1 letter g of the Law Number 7  Year 2017 on General Election and Constitutional Court’ ruling number 71/PPU-XIV/2016.

Article 240 verse 1 letter g of Election Law stipulates that: “Candidates of House of Representatives and  Regional Legislative Councils should meet the requirement: they have never been imprisoned based on final and binding court ruling, because they commit a crime with 5 years of more prison sentence, except that they openly and honestly announce it to public that they are former graft convicts.

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