Indonesia's Sentani Flash Floods Kills 89 Peoples
Head of the National Disaster Management Agency Doni Monardo directs the evacuation process for victims of falsh floods in Sentani sub-district, Jayapura district, Papua Province. Photo by The Ageny.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian Emergency Response Master Post recorded this morning, a total of 89 peoples killed, of which 82 died from flash floods in Sentani sub-district, Jayapura Regency and 7 deaths due to landslides in Ampera, Jayapura City, Papua Province.

The Head of Data Information and Public Relations Center National Disaster Management Agency Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said the number of victims continued to increase given the vast area affected by the disaster. A total of 1,613 team personnel from 23 various agencies and institutions are still handling the flash floods.

“The joint Search and Research (SAR) team will continue to search for victims because it is estimated that there are still victims who have not yet been found,” he said in a written statement today.

Nugroho explained, the joint SAR team on Monday (03/18) managed to find 13 bodies, namely 4 bodies in the Old Sereh Village, 2 bodies on Lake Sentani, 3 bodies at BTN, 2 bodies at BTN Nauli 2, 1 body at BTN Citra Buana, and 1 body in Hobong Village.

Meanwhile, the number of victims disappeared according to reports from families and communities as many as 74 peoples, namely 34 peoples from Kampung Milinik, 20 peoples from BTN Gajah Mada, 7 peoples from the Inauli Housing Complex, 4 peoples from Kampung Bambar, 2 peoples from BTN Bintang Timur, 1 people from Social, 1 person from Komba and 3 peoples from Social Cadets.

Also reported as many as 159 peoples were injured, namely injured 84 peoples seriously injured and 75 peoples were lightly injured. The number of refugees continues to grow. Many people choose to live in refugee camps because of trauma and fear of a subsequent flash flood. As a result, at some points the refugees crowded with refugees.

“There were 6,831 refugees recorded in 15 refugee points. Refugees still need help from basic needs,” he added.

Nugroho described, the distribution of 6,831 refugees was: BTN Bintang Timur 600 peoples; BTN Gajah Mada: 1,450 peoples; Doyo Only 203 peoples; 23 peoples nursing home; HIS Agus Karitji 600 peoples; Siil 1,000 peoples; Gunung Merah (Main Post) 1,391 peoples; Himles 50 peoples; Company D 108 peoples; Hawaii Puspenka 123 peoples; Abdi Nusantara Foundation 900 peoples; Netar 43 peoples; Green Gems 120 peoples; Nursing Home 23 peoples and Rindam 220 peoples.

“For the affected data, there were 11,725 ​​households in three districts (sub-districts), namely Sentani District, Waibu and Sentani Barat,” he explained.

In addition, the data on the impact of losses and damage also continued to increase as the data of the report was submitted to the post. Temporary losses include 350 heavily damaged 3 units of heavily damaged bridge units; 8 drainage units severely damaged; 4 roads damaged; 2 church units severely damaged; 1 mosque unit was severely damaged; 8 school units were severely damaged; 104 units of shop houses were severely damaged and 1 market unit was severely damaged.

Head of the Agency Doni Monardo said the most important thing now was to manage refugees and maintain the resilience of the affected population so as not to be traumatized by the disaster.

“We will fulfill, among other things, clean water, toilet, blankets and mattresses,” he said. “Logistics, food and other assistance will continue to be added from the help of various parties. Volunteers, Army and Police elements will be alerted at every point of refuge. the most important child, don’t let anyone get sick in the refugee camp,” he added.

Monardo said, during the 14-day emergency response period, there would be a coordination meeting to facilitate effective evacuation and handling every day.

“Every day at 8:00 p.m. local time there will be a coordination meeting at the office of the Jayapura Regent, led by the Papua Provincial local agency,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of National SAR Agency Bagus Puruhito explained that it would continue to assist in the search for missing people and would check and improve the search for victims.

“We also need heavy equipment (excavators) to evacuate and search for victims,” ​​he said.

Meanwhile, the budget allocation from the Ministry of Social Affairs for the handling of the Sentani disaster has reached Rp2.67 billion, with details of the victims’ total family compensation (83xRp15 million) of Rp1.24 billion, phase I logistical assistance of Rp764.25 million and phase II of Rp664.51 million.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: