President Joko Widodo Inaugurated Aji Pangeran Tumenggung Pranoto Airport in Samarinda< East Kalimantan on Thursday (25/10) - Photo by President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Two airports in East Kalimantan has been inaugurated by Indonesia President Joko Widodo today (25/10). The two airports initiated by the regional government namely Aji Pangeran Tumenggung (APT) Pranoto Airport in Samarinda City and Maratua Airport in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan.

The two airports is estimating need costs over than Rp2 trillion (US$137.93 million) and could absorbed more than 1.5 million passengers per year.

“I will use this for an example so that other provinces and regions imitate what has been done by the province of East Kalimantan,” he said at the inauguration.

Nevertheless, the Head of State expect that this airport has great potential to boost East Kalimantan’s economy and the mobility of people and goods to increase further in the future.

During the inauguration, the President gave instructions to the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi to continue monitoring the density of the airport. If needed, he asks for terminal expansion to reach three times the current capacity.

“Now the terminal is 12 thousand square meters. I ask for a maximum in the next 3 years and it can be jumped to 36 thousand square meters,” said Widodo.

In addition, the President also directly instructed the Minister of Transportation to immediately prepare flights to Jakarta or Surabaya from the airport.

The expense of the construction project of APT Pranoto airport amounted to Rp1.8 trillion financed by State and Regional Budget, said Sumadi. The airport has runway 2,250 meters x 45 meters runway, 173 meters x 23 meters taxiway, 300 meters x 123 meters apron, and able to accommodate the extended range, and narrow-body jet airliner Boeing 737-900 ER.

The airport terminal extends in 12,700 square meters and able to accommodate 1.5 million passengers per year, he added. The airport had been actively operated since May 24, 2018 with 14 flights were run daily. He targeted, the airport could operate 50 flights every day.

While, Maratua Airport being prepared for eight years since 2003. The Berau District Government targets the number of tourists to reach 150,000 people per year to the region.

“We hope that with the presence of airports in Derawan Islands, namely Maratua Airport, tourists will come there more and more,” he said.

US$1: Rp14,500