Indonesia’s Economic Shrank at 0.52% in 1Q 2019
Chief of Indonesian Statistics Suhariyanto.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia experienced inflation of 0.55 percent with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 138.16 in June 2019. While the inflation rate for the calendar year (January-June) 2019 was 2.05 percent and the year-on-year (YoY) inflation rate was 3.28 percent.

“Inflation is still below the government’s target and I conclude that inflation in June is still under control because the government’s programs are successful,” Statistics Indonesia’ Chief Suhariyanto said in Jakarta, Monday (01/07).

He revealed inflation occurred because of an increase in prices as indicated by the increase in most expenditure group indexes include: foodstuffs amounted to 1.63 percent; processed food, beverages, cigarettes, and tobacco group by 0.59 percent; the housing, water, electricity, gas, and fuel group by 0.17 percent.

While for clothing group by 0,81 percent; health group by 0.19 percent; and the education, recreation and sports group by 0.07 percent. While the expenditure group experienced a decline in the index, namely: the transportation, communication, and financial services group by 0.14 percent.

Suhariyanto said, out of 82 CPI cities, 76 cities experienced inflation and 6 cities experienced deflation. The highest inflation occurred in Manado at 3.60 percent with CPI of 140.02 and the lowest inflation occurred in Singaraja at 0.02 percent with CPI of 144.11.

While the highest deflation occurred in Tanjung Pandan at 0.41 percent with CPI of 145.67 and the lowest occurred in Jayapura at 0.08 percent with CPI of 142.37.

Furthermore, Suhariyanto explained, the core component in June 2019 experienced inflation of 0.38 percent. While the inflation rate for the core component of the calendar year (January – June) 2019 is 1.55 percent and the inflation rate for core components year after year (June 2019 to June 2018) is 3.25 percent.

In addition, he also explained, the number of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia in May 2019 increased by 1.10 percent compared to the number of visits in May 2018 (YoY). Meanwhile, when compared to April 2019, the number of foreign tourists visiting in May 2019 decreased by 3.19 percent.

Cumulatively (January-May 2019), the number of visits to Indonesia reached 6.37 million visits, up 2.70 percent compared to the number of foreign tourists visiting the same period in 2018 which amounted to 6.20 million visits.

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