Insight: Indonesia' Digital Business Needs Guaranteed by Adequate Regulation
Two Indonesian startups raised seed funding from their investors, the companies announced today (05/27) - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Two Indonesian startups raised seed funding from their investors, the companies announced today (05/27). Delman, a data management startup has raised $1.6 million in seed funding led by Intudo Ventures, with participation Prasetia Dwidharma Ventures and Qlue Performa Indonesia.

While, Bonza, a big data analytics company, announced get seed funding from East Ventures. The company will use the funding to further develop technology and product, and expand its business operations.

Delman aimed to used the fresh funding to establish a research and development center. The provider was founded in 2018 by Surya Halim, Raymond Christopher, and Theo Budiyanto. 

Originally they launched an end-to-end big data analytics provider and then shifted its focus to data preparation and management. 

Its clients range from large corporations and consulting firms to government agencies. Now, Halim said, that the startup plans to expand into other Southeast Asian markets.


The co-founders, Elsa Chandra and Philip Thomas, met in Traveloka. At Traveloka, they saw an opportunity to help other companies to tackle their data challenges and use data more effectively for decision making, and decided to start Bonza.

”Our mission is to support organizations to make sense of all their data  from various sources, be it structured or unstructured, integrate these into a single source of truth and use the data to build and deploy AI and machine learning solutions for better decisions at scale,” said Chandra in an official statement.

Willson Cuaca, East Ventures co-Founder and Managing Partner added, “With this investment, Bonza is able to build a platform that facilitates decision making and monitors the results of those decisions, by presenting insight generated from unstructured data.”

Venture capital (VC) increasingly show an important role in the development of startup companies in Indonesia, amid prospects of growth in the digital economy. Still at its young age, investment in the digital industry is soaring nearly US$3 billion in 2018, but dropped significantly in 2019 by 40 percent to $2.38 billion.

E-commerce and transport categories dominate deals and investment values, and the largest funding rounds have been led by companies such as Go-Jek, Traveloka, and Tokopedia.

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