The future digital bank, PT Bank Net Indonesia Syariah, set the listing price Rp103 a share or in total Rp515 billion (US$36.78 million) - Photo by the Company

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The future digital bank, PT Bank Net Indonesia Syariah, set the listing price Rp103 a share or in total Rp515 billion (US$36.78 million). Based on the official statement released today, the issuer plans to offer 5 billion new shares or 37.9 percent of the total shares helped by PT NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia.

The former PT Maybank Syariah Indonesia has received an effective statement from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) on Jan. 25 and hold the public offering on Jan. 25 – 27. The financial firm will take floor at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Feb. 1, 2021.

Together with the new shares, Bank Net also issued 2.8 billion series of warrants. Based on the prospectus, each 25 new shares will get 14 warrants and every one warrant c convert with one new share with an exercise price Rp110 starting August 2, 2021 to Jan. 30, 2026. Most of the proceeds will be use by the lender to comply the FSA rule that the sharia bank must have capital Rp1 trillion in 2022.

Around 97.5 percent of the company shares owned by NTI Global and 2.5 percent by PT Alphaplus Adhigana Asia, the unit of PT Sinergi Optima Solusindo, which is 99.8 percent owned by PT Gan Kapital. While, 45 percent of Gan Kapital’ shares are controlled by Anthony Pradiptya, who is a young son of Gandi Sulistyo, managing director of Sinarmas Group.

In this year, IDX targeting 30 companies to list their shares, lowered than last year’ number 53 companies. While, chairman of FSA, Wimboh Santoso, reported that during 2020, the Indonesian capital market managed Rp118.7 trillion in fundraising from the issuers.

Several companies ready to go IPO in 2021 and can be considered by the investors are PT Sanghiang Perkasa, PT Widodo Makmur Unggas, PT Amman Mineral Nusatenggara, PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel), PT Bank Net Indonesia Syariah, PT Veritra Sentosa Internasional, Tokopedia, and several portfolios of PT MDI Ventures.

Then, PT Widodo Makmur Unggas set the IPO price in the range of Rp180 a share and potential to reap around Rp349.41 billion. The animal feed producer plans to release 5.92 billion shares or 35 percent of the issued and paid up capital.

Other company is Mitratel, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia Tb (IDX: TLKM), at the end of this year or no later than the first quarter of 2022. In addition, Veritra Sentosa Internasional owned by cleric Yusuf Mansur, the head of the Daarul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School and also the owner of  PT Paytren Aset Manajemen.

US$1: Rp14,000

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