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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Dozens of the confederation and trade Unions have agreed to hold a national strikes as a form to rejection on the omnibus law on the Job Creation Bill. Based on their information, the parliament will pass the new law to attracts more investment in Indonesia on Oct. 8.

Chairman of Indonesian Trade Union Confederation, Said Iqbal explained the strikes will start on Oct. 6 until the plenary meeting of the parliament. He continued, the national strike will be carried out constitutionally in an orderly and peaceful manner.

“In the upcoming national strike, we will stop the production process and gather at the surrounding areas of each trade,,” he said in a written statement released on Monday (09/28).

Iqbal stated, the national strikes will be followed by approximately five million workers in thousands of companies in 25 provinces and 300 districts and cities. This strike was carried out as a form of protest by Indonesian workers against the deliberation of the Job Creation Bill which was considered more beneficial to employers.

For an example, he said, the free use of contract labor and outsourcing in all types of work and without time limits, eliminating labor wages and reducing the value of severance pay.

“From the beginning, we asked that the minimum protection for workers in Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning manpower should not be reduced. But the fact is that the omnibus law reduces labor rights in the existing law,” Iqbal shouted.

He continued, Indonesian workers also plan to hold daily demonstrations, the implementation of which is planned to start from Sept. 29. Along with other elements, workers will also carry out simultaneous national actions throughout Indonesia which are planned for this date. Oct. 1 and 8.

In the capital city, the targets of labor action are the State Palace, the office of the coordinating minister for the economic affairs, the manpower ministry office, and the parliament building. In the regions, the action will be centered in the office of the governor or the regional parliament.

“When the actions we carry out are not responded to, the climax is that we will hold a national strike which will be carried out simultaneously throughout Indonesia as we have explained above,” he said.

“Apart from workers, various elements are also ready to take joint action to reject the omnibus law on the Job Creation Bill, namely students, farmers, fishermen, civil society, indigenous people, environmentalists, human rights activists, and others,” he concluded.

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