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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Jakarta Composite Index closed up 0.29 percent or 19.07 points at 6,51.78 in trading on Thursday (03/21). In the midst of this strengthening there were fluctuations in issuers stock movement and also there were several corporate actions.

Top Gainers

Shares of PT Cahayaputra Asa Keramik Tbk (IDX: CAKK) and PT Wahana Interfood Nusantara Tbk (IDX: COCO) recorded the biggest gain after closing up 25 percent each at the same time touching the limit of automatic trading termination.

Following the strengthening of CAKK and COCO, the shares of PT Star Petrochem Tbk (IDX: STAR) closed up 20.45 percent or 18 points to Rp106 per share.

Top Losers

PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk (IDX: ECII) shares posted the deepest price decline after closing down 25 percent, while touching the automatic rejection limit to the level of Rp825 per share. The next weakest position was the shares of PT Siwani Makmur Tbk (IDX: SIMA) which closed down 24.83 percent at Rp224 per share.

PT Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung Tbk (IDX: WEGE)

The state-owned developer aims at two airport development projects for this year, namely Hang Nadim Airport (Riau Islands) and Komodo Airport (East Nusa Tenggara). The value of each of these projects is Rp1.5 trillion for Komodo Airport and around Rp5 trillion for Hang Nadim Airport.

PT HM Sampoerna Tbk (IDX: HMSP)

The cigarette maker issuer recorded a net profit last year of Rp13.63 trillion, up 9.21 percent from the previous year’s net profit of Rp12.48 trillion. Based on the financial report published on Thursday, the company’ sales rose 7.7 percent to Rp106.74 trillion from Rp99.09 trillion a year earlier. Despite rising, the cost of goods sold also rose to Rp81.25 trillion, from the previous year Rp74.88 trillion.

PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk (IDX: GIAA)

The flight carrier confirmed that it had canceled 49 units booking of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Cancellation was made due to loss of trust from consumers of Garuda Indonesia.

PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (IDX: KRAS)

The state-owned steel company targeting its steel production to reach 2.8 million tons in 2019, an increase compared to last year’ 2.2 million tons of steel production. The target is in line with the increased production capacity to 4 million tons per year.

PT Lion Mentari Airlines

The airliners own by Rusdi Kirana is rumored to have started preparations for the process of an initial public offering with a target of reaching $1 billion.

Furthermore, Reliance Sekuritas Indonesia views the composite index will move lower at 6,450-6,520. The shares that can still be monitored are PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (IDX: WBSP), PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk (IDX: JPFA), PT Bank Permata Tbk (IDX: BNLI), PT Timah Tbk (IDX: TINS), PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (IDX: MEDC), and PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (IDX: LPPF).

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