Indonesian President Joko Widodo

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)—Indonesian President Joko Widodo considers to issue a government regulation in lieu of law on anti-terrorism if the House of Representatives fail to  pass the anti-terrorism bill into law by June 2018.

“If the House fails to pass the anti-terrorism bill into law until June, then I will issue a regulation in lieu of terrorism act,” said Widodo on Monday (14/05) after opening the National Coordination Meeting which was attended by village heads in Jakarta.

He explained the government has given a revision draft of the Law Number 15/2003 on Combating Terrorism Crime to Parliament since February 2016. And it has been two years since then, he explained, but its discussions have not yet resulted in a new law that will be a legal foundation to take action against terrorism.

The legal foundation is urgently  needed after a series of terror attacks recently. Last week, the terrorists at National Police’s Mobile Brigade took over the prison and killed five police officers. Then on Sunday and Monday (13/5 and 14/5), suicide bombers committed a series of bomb attacks in three churches in Surabaya, in an apartment in Sidoarjo, and police office in Surabaya, East java, causing 17 people died, including the suicide bombers, and 46 injured.

Early on Monday a bomb exploded in an apartment in Sidoarjo, East Java, and then at around 08.05 a.m., a bomb was exploded at the front of the entrance gate of Surabaya police headquarter.

Widodo strongly condemned the terror attacks, saying that the suicide bombing in police office in Surabaya, East Java as an action of cowards, and it is disrespectful, and barbaric.

The President insists the government will fight terrorism to its roots. He asked the Chief of Police to firm action and there is no compromise in fighting against the  terrorism.

On Sunday (13/05), Chairman of the House of Representatives Bambang Soesatyo said that he was optimistic the revision of Law No. 15 of 2003 on Combating Terrorism can be completed during next parliamentary hearing period. He hopes the government will immediately agree on the definition of terrorism which is the obstacle to the completion of the Revised Law initiated since 2016.

According to him, the Special Committee on Anti-Terrorism Bill is already 99 percent ready but the government asked for a delay because there is no agreement on the definition of terrorism.

A number of points in the Revision of the Terrorism Act are known to emphasize the strengthening of the prevention phase. In addition to strengthening in the prevention phase also raised the involvement of the Indonesian National Army in the fight against terrorism and the strengthening of National Agency for Combating Terrorism.

For the involvement of the National Army, the committee has unanimously agreed in March 2018. Such involvement is contained in Article 43 of the Revision of Law Number 15 Year 2003 on the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism.

Chairman of the Special Committee on the Bill on Terrorism Muhammad Syafii assessed the involvement of the TNI in combating terrorism is a necessity. However, in relation to how the TNI involvement, the Special Committee has agreed that it will be regulated in a Presidential Regulation.

Capital Market Conditions

The suicidal bomb had dampened the mood of stock investors and send the Jakarta Composite Index lower in early trading today.

The benchmark index opened down 0.39 per cent or 23.37 points at the level of 5,933.46 and further weakened by 1.09 per cent or 65 points to 5,891.83 at 09:41 pm.

Throughout this morning trading, Jakarta Composite Index is moving at the level of 5,891.83-5,937.59.

A total of 118 publicly listed companies moved higher, 173 publicly listed companies moved lower, and 288 publicly listed companies stagnated on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

All nine sectoral composite index fell which industry fell by minus 1.91 per cent, infrastructure fell by minus 1.64 per cent, and finance fell by minus 1.17 per cent.

Last week, the Jakarta Composite Index closed up 0.83 per cent at 5956,832 level on May 11, 2018.