President Joko Widodo Inaugurated the Construction of the Sigli-Banda Aceh toll Road Project (12/14) - Photo by President Office

BANDA ACEH (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo targets, the Trans Sumatra toll road project from Bakauheni in Lampung to Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province  will be connected later in 2024. He delivered the statement at the sidelines of the inauguration of the construction of the Sigli-Banda Aceh toll road project on Friday (12/14).

The projects need costs around Rp13 trillion (US$896.55 million). Sigli-Banda Aceh toll road project is planned to be 74 kilometers long, passes through 78 villages spread across two districts in Aceh. According to the contractor PT Hutama Karya, the construction of toll Road section is divided into six sections.

The other sections are Padang Tiji-Seulimeum, with a length of 26 kilometers, the Seulimeum-Jantho section, which is six kilometers long, and the Jantho-Indrapuri section, which is 16 kilometers long.

Besides the toll roads, which connect Banda Aceh with Sigli, the construction of turnpikes will also be carried out in the Sigli – Lhokseumawe section with length 135 kilometers, the Lhokseumawe – Langsa section also 135 kilometers and the Langsa-Binjai section 110 kilometers.

He also asked the regional government to push for the completion of this 74 kilometers toll road by preparing land acquisition for toll road construction. The president said after it was completed, he hoped the regional government would later be able to integrate with tourist areas and special economic zones (SEZ).

“In Lhokseumawe there is a special economic zone. Integrate it there so that the mobility of goods and people can be fast. Surely investment will be attracted to,” he added.

In addition to formalizing toll road construction, Widodo also inaugurated the Simpang Surabaya flyover and Beurawe underpass and the Arun SEZ in Lhokseumawe. There are also number of development projects carried out by the government in Aceh, such as the Kreung Keureuto dam and the irrigation development in West Aceh.

State-owned toll road operator Hutama Karya has gets the assignment from the government to build and develop the Trans Sumatra Highway through Presidential Decree No. 100 of 2014 in conjunction with Presidential Decree No. 117 Year 2015.

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