Persatuan Alumni 212 Start Rally Tomorrow to Guard the Prabowo Subianto - Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno lawsuit - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian politics heated up ahead of the April 17′ presidential election. One of them is the examination and determination of various figure suspects in a number of legal cases.

Latest, Chairperson of the 212 Alumni Brotherhood Slamet Ma’arif was named by the suspects for the election violation case by the Surakarta Police, Central Java, Monday (11/2).

Earlier, musician and politician Ahmad Dhani became a defendant in a defamation case due to the word “idiot” which he made on his social media when he was refused to attend the #2019GantiPresiden campaign in Surabaya last month. Then political observer Rocky Gerung was summoned by the police to clarify his statement regarding the Scriptures as fiction.

These cases were assessed by the opposition, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno’ team, as a form of criminalization or silencing against criticism. One of the members of the Subianto-Uno team, Eggi Sudjana, for example, assessed the appointment of suspect Ma’arif as something odd.

He added that the case and other similar cases increasingly convinced the public about the existence of power interventions and that there were targets against opposition supporters in the 2019 presidential election. Ma’arif was the next target after police detained Dhani, he added.

It was reported, Ma’arif reported that Jokowi Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin’ victory team allegedly violated Article 280 paragraph (1) about campaigns that were out of schedule has been determined by the Indonesian Election Commission as stipulated in Law Number 7 Year 2017 concerning General Elections.

The threat is a maximum of one year imprisonment and a maximum fine of Rp12 million or around US$857.14 (article 492), or a two-year prison term and a maximum fine of Rp24 million (article 521).

A number of these cases also influenced the electability of the two candidates ahead of the 2019 presidential election. Lingkaran Survey Indonesia’ researcher, Adjie Alfaraby, said that the case that happened to Dhani and other similar cases was quite influencing Widodo-Amin’ voice among educated voters.

“This case will affect certain segments, such as educated circles. Because, these groups usually don’t like it if the state is too strong to intervene in criticism. These issues are not populist for educated people. So it will have a segmented influence,” said Alfaraby last week.

The survey conducted on Jan. 18-25, 2019 showed Widodo-Amin’ voice in educated circles was 37.7 percent, while support for Subianto-Uno was 44.2 percent. While, the Celebes Research Center (CRC) survey founded that Subianto-Uno pairs outperformed Widodo-Amin among unemployed or temporary workers voters.

In the survey, voters who did not get jobs chose Subianto-Uno as much as 38.9 percent, Widodo-Amin 33.3 percent. Furthermore, among non-permanent workers, Subianto-Uno voters were 52.9 percent, Widodo-Amin 41.2 percent.

In the survey, based on the demographic distribution of voter work, Subianto-Uno also excelled among fishermen and wholesalers. The rest, Widodo-Amin excelled in all occupational segments, including state apparatus.

The CRC survey also found Widodo-Amin’ electability of 56.1 percent, Subianto-Uno 31.7 percent, and 12.2 percent had not made a choice. For the social media conversation monitoring agency, PoliticaWave noted that the Widodo-Amin couple dominated conversations rather than Subianto-Uno.

Based on monitoring that took place Jan. 28 to Feb. 4, PoliticaWave noted that there were 57.25 percent of social media talks about Widodo-Amin.

Reportedly, Widodo-Amin was discussed by 61.25 percent of 267,059 accounts, while the remaining 38.75 percent discussed Subianto-Uno. The total number of conversations in circulation was 1,899,881.

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