After massive protests, Indonesia' House of Representatives, agrees to postpone deliberations of controversial law, Criminal Code and Correctional Institution law, said the chairman at the plenary meeting today (09/24) - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – After massive protests, Indonesia’ House of Representatives, agrees to postpone deliberations of five controversial law, including Criminal Code and Correctional Institution law, said the chairman at the plenary meeting today (09/24). Outside the parliament, thousands of students comes from all over the country rally today to guard the meeting.

While, the other two bills, Land and Mining, are still under discussion and have not yet entered the decision making stage, said house speaker Bambang Soesatyo.

“Because it was postponed, the parliament and the government will review the articles contained in the Criminal Code Bill, especially those that are in the public spotlight,” he adds.

Since Monday, a wave of students from numerous campus along with farmers, workers, and journalist, staged rallies in various cities across the archipelago. The largest being at the parliament complex at Central Jakarta. They protested problematic draft bills and laws passed by the the House.

They reject draft bills on Criminal Code, Correctional Procedures, Lands, Mining, as well as Employment bill. They also demanded the revocation of the newly-amended Corruption Eradication Commission and Water Resources law. The protesters also urged the bill on sexual violence eradication and social worker protection to be passed into law.

Commenting on the rally, coordinating minister for politic, law, and human rights Wiranto urged the students to stop the demonstration, which he considered a waste of energy, caused the government has delayed the ratification of five draft bills.

While, legal and human rights minister Yasonna Laoly has challenged the students to meet him or the lawmakers to debate on draft bills. He stated, “If they want a debate, if they want to ask about draft bills they should come to DPR, to me. Not bringing down the gate.” 

He also demanded all students not being carried away by improper political agenda. According to the minister, there was information about certain parties willing to infiltrate the students protest.

As for the amended law on the Corruption Eradication Commission, the minister let students and the public to file a judicial review to Constitutional Court.

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