The holding port for PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I to IV will be realized in 2020 - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Holding company of state-owned enterprise (SOE) port operator its expecting to be formed in 2020, said CEO of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo II) Elvyn G. Masassya yesterday (11/20). Now, the feasibility study of the program has been process and is targeting to be completed in the next six months.
“I am discussing deeply with the minister and deputy minister of SOEs about the most suitable holding concept,” he told media at the SOEs ministry office in Jakarta by adding the company also known Indonesia Port Company (IPC) was assigned to be the lead the study.

Last year, Pelindo I, II, III, and IV has formed Equipment Sub-holding Transformation Board for Pelindo Incorporated. The transformation board will work to ensure the plan to form the holding company in the near future. Masassya stressed this merger is expected to make the business scope of the subsidiary business even greater.

Earlier, the Pelindos agreed to merge all port services into the Integrated Billing System (IBS), the implementation has begun in stages until the end of May 2019. The port services included in the services included billing , booking, tracking, and payment.

Besides IBS, Pelindo Incorporated also agreed to unify the optimization of port equipment such as Hopper, Container Spreader, Crane, trailer and so on. With regard to port equipment, we agree to unite the supports, namely maintenance, spare parts, optimization of equipment, said Evelyn.

The collaboration of the equipment usage became an embryo for the joint maintenance operation between Pelindo Incorporated, he added. This cooperation has begun with PT Jasa Peralatan Pelabuhan Indonesia with PT Berkah Industri Mesin Angkat dan PT Equiport Inti Indonesia.

With those agreements, he asserted, also shows their readiness to realize other collaborations that support government programs such as sea tolls or inter-port connections in Indonesia and tourism development on remote islands.

Masassya also reported, until the third quarter (3Q) of 2019, IPC has posted a net profit Rp2.21 trillion (US$. This figure is up 18.38 percent from third quarter of 2018. Furthermore, the operating revenues reached Rp8.56 trillion, an increase of 2.41 percent from the achievements of 2018.
The CEO is optimistic that this year’ net profit will exceed the 2018 net profit of Rp2.43 trillion. To reach the target, he adds, IPC will look at opportunities to maximize revenues stream and throughput achievement in the last two months of 2019.
“IPC is also preparing the construction of a pier in the Cikarang Bekasi Laut canal, after the ministry of transportation and the Ministry of public housing have finalized the plan,” he revealed.
On the global scene, IPC continues to collaborate with global shipping companies by serving large ships to conduct direct shipping from Indonesia to all continents. At present, the capacity of ships which leaning on the port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta are eight giant ships in a month with a capacity of 10 thousand TEUs.

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