The Indonesian government is targeting to finalize the draft land law that is being discussed in late September this year - Photo: TheInsiderStories.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian government is targeting to finalize the land bill draft in late September this year to be subsequently submitted to parliament, officials said today (08/22). The bill will become a priority scale because the House of Representatives’ period will soon be over the next month.

“The land bill has become the priority scale at the moment. Our House period is about to expire. This must be ratified because this law is an initiative of the Parliaments since three years ago. So we hope that the end of September is finished,” Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Sofyan Djalil said while attending a coordinating meeting of this law at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs in Jakarta.

Djalil said the meeting was held in order to synchronize the opinions and input of each ministry and institution as a reference for the government in further discussing with the Parliament. This meeting synchronized the opinions of the respective ministries and institutions, both the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and relevant institutions.

At the same time, Economic Coordinating Minister Darmin Nasution added until now his party was still making improvements to the draft that had been discussed previously with Vice President Jusuf Kalla. Therefore, he hopes that there may not be obstacles from each ministry/institution.

“The authority that is the responsibility of the Regional Government is synchronized with the material of the team that I coordinate. Yesterday had a meeting with the Vice President, so it immediately entered into synchronization teams with the parliamentary team, he said.

The bill is very important to be a projection of all land issues in the country, he adds, to protect property rights, building rights, and business use rights. In addition, this regulation can also provide great economic value to the community.

“It is a requirement that all land in the republic must be registered. It might take 10 years to complete it. Registered. With the digital system in time,” he said. The land bill is an amendment to law number 5 of 1960 concerning basic agrarian regulations.

Nasution said that the bill must be synchronized with the existing law. However, the point is still that the existing land must be registered. Everything must be synchronized. But basically the rights are protected, the state must have the ability to own land in the form of land. But all of them must have their national needs protected, he said.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ombudsman asked the Parliament to postpone the ratification of the bill, because there were many things that needed to be reviewed so as not to cause problems in the future. The agency provides many reasons why the bill needs to be improved, from the matter of management rights, minimal to agrarian reform, redistribution of communal land does not exist, agrarian conflict resolution and much more.

“In fact, there are many things that must be regulated, for example, land use rights that have expired, how to arrange for redistribution. Land assets belonging to the state that has been neglected and controlled by the community until now have never been completed because state land cannot deregister, always a problem,” its commissioner Alamsyah Saragih told media on Wednesday.

While the agrarian reform consortium said that the bill should be able to answer five agrarian issues: the sharp imbalance of agrarian structures; structural agrarian conflicts are rife; ecological damage is widespread; the rate of conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural and finally oppressive agrarian structure poverty.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: