Indonesian government decided to temporarily stop the arrivals of foreigner to the country to limits the COVID-19 spread - Photo by MoFA Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian government decided to temporarily stop the arrivals of foreigner to the country to limits the COVID-19 spread. This was conveyed by minister for foreign affairs, Retno Marsudi after a limited meeting chaired by President Joko Widodo, today (03/31).

This policy, she stressed, will be set forth in the regulations of the ministry of law and human rights. She also revealed, the return of Indonesian citizens and cruise ship crews, who are still abroad, would be closely monitored to minimize the spread of the virus.

According to her, there are more than one million Indonesians living and working in Malaysia and the crew numbers 11,838 work on 80 cruise ships throughout the world. Marsudi stated, this rule was excluded for Limited Stay Permit Card, Permanent Permit Card, diplomatic and official residence permits card holders.

But, she asserted, the foreigners must follows the prevailing health protocol applied in Indonesia if want stays in the country. In the midst of restrictions that apply from countries, the government try to provides maximum assistance to the affected citizens and will ensure that their rights are fulfilled by the companies where they work.

“This morning, for example, I communicated with our general commission in Johor Baru to ensure the return process went smoothly. I also communicated with our representatives in Kucing and also the our embassy in Malaysia continued to provide assistance for those who wanted to return by land,” said Marsudi.

The government has prepared a number of applicable protocols, such as a health check at the port, airport, and terminal entrances and must fill out a health alert card prepared by the health ministry for the return of Indonesian citizens and the crews.

For those identified as symptomatic will be quarantined and will be further handled. While, for those who are asymptomatic they continue to quarantine independently for 14 days. “Another thing is at the entrances will be strengthened and empowered so that it can run the health protocol,” says Marsudi.

For the number of worshipers totaled around 1,456, she explained, 731 of them were stayed in India. No further details the government plans on them.

Based on data from the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, the number of positive cases in Indonesia recorded 1,414 cases, 75 people recovered, and 122 died.

Written by Staff Editor, Email: linda.silaen