Indonesian Election: Widodo-Amin Campaign's Team Declares Victory
Joko Widodo-Maruf Amin National Campaign Team celebrated the acquisition of 80 million votes based on internal calculations in Jakarta on Wednesday (05/8). Photo by TheInsiderStories.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – National Campaign Team of Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin declared the win the 2019 presidential election based on 80 million votes collected from the internal counting tabulation center. The figure was obtained from the results of the internal recapitulation of the incumbent team by real data collection of C1 form forms throughout Indonesia.

The team said, the numbers analytically difficult to catch up with opposition candidate Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno.

Although the official results were submitted by the General Election Commission (GEC) on 22 May, 80 million votes were assessed as psychological figures of victory based on valid votes of 155 million.

“80 million is 50 percent plus one. When Widodo-Amin gets 80 votes, the match is finished. The rest is formalist only,” said Chairman of the National Campaign Team Erick Tohir when delivering the declaration in Jakarta on Wednesday (05/08).

He claimed, the acquisition of 80 million votes based on internal real count also did not differ greatly from the provisional results in the GEC Vote Counting System.

At present, the total votes that enter the GEC website have reached 73.09 percent or as many as 594,497 polling stations from a total of 813,350 polling stations throughout Indonesia. Of these, Widodo -Amin’ pair led with the acquisition of 56.22 percent compared to 43.78 percent belonging to Subianto-Uno. The difference between the two reached 12 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, the opposition continues to highlight fraud in the 2019 general election which they value is very structured, massive and systematic. This was conveyed by Subianto at a press conference on Wednesday, also in a meeting with the international community two days earlier.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been involved in a very intensive and comprehensive extensive political campaign and elections. In essence, we are trying to explain this time, and what we experience this time is basically a blatant and flagrant violation of basic norms of democracy,” Subianto said.

He added that people can identify fraud through the “blatant” abuse of power on the police and other government institutions such as intelligence bodies.

“All these are well known of courses. They always tell us, “give us proof” [yet] they are the law enforcement agencies. We do have a lot of proofs and reports. The violation of the voting sheets, the voting papers which have been punched before the election. In some cases [they were] discovered in Malaysia,” he said.

The former general stressed that the structured, systematic and massive fraud had damaged Indonesian democracy. Though guarantor of peace democracy is the only in the political life of a nation, as much as it marks the maturity of a country.

“[Democracy is] A mark of maturity. A mark of civilization. Otherwise, the change of power usually becomes pure physical and violent. This is what we always try to avoid,” he said while explained that there were groups in the current democratic system in Indonesia by violating the existing laws and threatening countries wellbeing.

He regretted that this dishonest election had claimed hundreds of lives. Until now, there have been at least 554 organizers dead. While the sick staff reached 3,788 people. This event will certainly be a red note in the history of the contestation of democracy in the country.

Conveying deep sorrow, Subianto urged the authorities to investigate the cause of the election officials’ death. He also requested a medical examination of the officers.

His running mate, Uno also emphasized the same thing. He even admitted that the 2019 election fraud and had begun since the campaign period.

“These are facts. Money politics, election commission already saw 400,000 envelopes stuffed with money intended to be used in the mornings of the elections, that would be considered as the use of money politics,” Uno said.

He added that throughout the campaign season, both he and Subianto met difficulties getting campaign permits.

“Difficulties to get the campaign permit, I experienced it myself. Sometimes I got late notifications that the permits in some area were revoked or the permits that were supposed to be given, last minutes were not given and we had to move places. Campaign tools being destroyed was also rampantly being used and those are the points that we see,” he said.

He noted such indications of fraud have injured the democratic process. On the other hand, the people demand a democratic election that is honest and fair. Because legitimate leaders are born from a healthy, transparent and fair democratic process.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: