Indonesian Election: Subianto Announces Potential Persons in His Cabinet
Prabowo Subianto has urged his supporters to trust in the Constitutional Court judges - Photo: Privacy.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian President Candidate Prabowo Subianto closed his three-week open campaign, a time set by the Indonesian Election Commission, by introducing 65 candidates who would help him in the government if he received a mandate of 190 million peoples, out of a total of 265 million, which would determine choose it on April 17 later.

The elected figures in the “potential cabinet” of the former General came from professional groups, businessmen, practitioners, politicians, and religious figures, even some names had once occupied the government in the previous era, since the cabinet of President Abdurahman Wahid (Gusdur) to his tandem government, Joko Widodo.

“I never checked them from which party, there were professionals, some could use ties, some could not, there were young people too. But we joined naturally. I did not make advertisements to look for the nation’s best sons and daughters. They came alone,” he said in his national speech at the Dyandra Convention Center, Surabaya, East Java, on Friday (04/12).

Among the names mentioned, for example, was Rizal Ramli (former Gusdur Economy Minister), Dahlan Iskan (former Minister of SOEs), former Arrmy Commander Gatot Nurmantyo, former Deputy Chairman Anti-graft Bambang Widjojanto, political observer Rocky Gerung, Parliament Deputy Fadli Zon, former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said.

Apart from these seven popular names, there are still 58 other figures, including two newly emerging young figures, namely spokesmen for the National Board to Elect Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak and Gamal Albinsaid.

The former Army soldier convinced the Indonesian people that the figures he selected were people who had a clean track record and did not carry out dirty practices, as he used to be a soldier and the commander had never carried out practices that destroyed the country.

“Don’t buy a cat in a sack. So, God willing, we accept the mandate, it’s about these people who will help me,” he added.

“Ask them, Prabowo has been corrupt or not. There is a psychology that warriors do not like corruption. There is their term, the term “dredger”,” continued the ex-husband of Titik Soeharto.

Quoting what was said by the founder and Indonesia first President Soekarno, Subianto stressed that in order to be a successful leader, he must choose the best sons and daughters, who are intelligent, capable, competent, and noble.

“Prabowo always studied and read on what Bung Karno once said, if “you” are hated by another country, perhaps this person really loves his people,” he said. “We should not be proud of winning the best Minister’s title by foreign magazines,” he sarcastically told Finance Minister Sri Mulyani that three years in succession from foreign institutions, while the Indonesian anti-graft report, the country’s money continued to leak up to 2000 trillion.

The Chairperson of the Gerakan Indonesia Raya Party stated that Indonesia now faces five major challenges. First, the flow of wealth abroad. “The government that will come must be able to stop the run of wealth abroad,” he said.

In response to reports from anti-racial institutions, Subianto said that apart from leaking 2000 trillion, from the 4000 trillion state budget, there were around 40 percent leaked in the pockets of state institutions. It means only one third really seeps into the people.

“The coming government must stop this. They must plan and provide steps to stop this leak,” he said.

Second, Indonesia faces climate challenges and environmental damage, where if sea water rises to 5 meters, the plains such as Surabaya, Jakarta, the north coast of Java, and Merauke will sink. “So we have to deal with this well,” he added.

Third, Indonesia faces food problems, (4) energy, and (5) clean water. Subianto parsed, in many areas, even in the capital, many people did not have clean water. Therefore, he promised, if he received the mandate from the people, his government must achieve clean water security.

Rizal Ramli became the backbone of his imagine government. The former Minister of Economy forced to lean on Subianto with the intention to make major changes in the structure of Indonesia’s macroeconomic policy in the next five years.

Ramli became the right hand of the former Army chief because of his policy offers believed to be able to restore Indonesia’s trade deficit over the past few years. In his projection, Ramli promised to boost the economic growth rate to 8 percent from 2020-2024, by first reducing electricity tariffs and the food prices to 70 percent in the 100 days of Subianto’s administration.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: