JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia’ trade balance in January 2019 suffered a deficit of US$1.16 billion. This caused by the oil and gas deficit of $454 million and the non-oil and gas deficit of $704 million, said Head of Statistics Indonesia Suhariyanto in Jakarta, today (02/15).

He reported that the total value of Indonesian exports in January 2019 recorded $13.87 billion, or down 3.24 percent compared to December 2018. “This is due to the decline in oil and gas exports by 29.30 percent. The highest export value according to the sector is in the processing industry of $10.14 billion,” he said.

“This trade deficit is deepest of President Joko Widodo administration. Since 2014 our trade balance never been above US$ 1 billion,” he said.

Suhariyanto outlines, non-oil and gas exports accounted for 91 percent of Indonesia’ total export value in January 2019, down 4.50 percent compared to the same month in 2018. January 2019 non-oil and gas exports reached $12.63 billion, up 0.38 percent from December 2018.

The biggest non-oil and gas export destination is to China $1.71 billion, followed by the United States $1.51 billion, and Japan $1.20 billion with the contribution of the three reaching 34.96 percent.

Meanwhile, according to the province of origin, the largest exports came from West Java (18.26 percent), East Kalimantan (10.55 percent), and East Java (10.30 percent).

On the other side, the import value in January 2019 was US$ 15.03 billion, down 2.19 percent compared to December 2018. This was due to the decline in oil and gas imports by 16.58 percent.

The biggest decline in non-oil and gas imports in January 2019 was the machine/mechanical aircraft category, while the largest increase was in the category of organic chemicals. However, construction of raw or auxiliary materials contributed 76.21 percent of total imports in January 2019.

The largest supplier of non-oil and gas imported goods during January 2019 was still occupied by China (31.02 percent), followed by Japan (10.28 percent), and Thailand (5.51 percent).

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: daniel@theinsiderstories.com