Indonesia to establish palm oil one map, to harmonize land data and to respond public criticism - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian government has stated it intends to challenge the US Commerce Department’s decision to impose a preliminary 50.71 per cent antidumping duty on imports of Indonesia’s palm oil-based biodiesel, Director General of Foreign Trade Ministry of Trade Oke Nurwan has declared.

‘We will fight the US dumping allegations through diplomatic channels,’ Nurwan told TheInsiderStories, on Wednesday (25/10).

The US Department of Commerce also slapped antidumping duties ranging from 54.36-70.05 per cent on imports of biodiesel from Argentina, typically made from soybeans.

The government collects levies on palm oil exports, the proceeds of which are funnelled to biodiesel producers in a scheme that is effectively a cross-subsidy. The government claims that the scheme is not in fact a subsidy but rather part of a domestic policy to blend 20 per cent of bio materials with diesel fuel.

Biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia are valued at approximately US$1.2 billion and $268 million, respectively, in 2016, according to Commerce Department data. Argentina supplies two-thirds of U.S biodiesel imports as of 2016, with a total volume of 916 million gallons (3.5 billion liters).

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil, while Argentina is one of the largest global exporters of soy products.

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