Indonesian government relaxed the importation of medical devices and personal protection to helps the COVID-19 handling in the archipelago, said trade minister on Tuesday (03/25) - Photo by BI Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian government relaxed the importation of medical devices and personal protection to helps the COVID-19 handling in the archipelago, said trade minister on Tuesday (03/25). The new regulation accommodating in Minister of Trade Regulatio Number 28 of 2020 concerning Provisions on Importation of Certain Products.

The new regulation was issued as a follow-up to the issuance of Presidential Decree Number 9 of 2020. Through the presidential decree, President Joko Widodo determined that the importation of goods used for handling COVID-19 get special treatment in import regulations.

“These products are masks, medical clothing, gloves, and other medical devices,” explained the minister, Agus Suparmanto in a written statement by adding his ministry in collaboration with relevant ministries and the national disaster management agency continues to strive to maintain the availability of medical devices and personal protective equipment amid the outbreak.

He revealed, the relaxation focused on the provisions of the Surveyor Report in the origin country or port of loading, and restrictions on the port of entry. So, the import does not require any licensing. This relaxation will be given until June 30, 2020, he adds.

Technically, the director general of foreign trade, Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana explained, the types of goods that are exempt from the rule are room air freshener preparations whether containing disinfectants or not, paper and tissue, impregnated or coated with deodorizers or cosmetics, and antiseptic products containing soap or other.

Then, stocking for varicose sufferers from synthetic fibers medical protective clothing, clothing used for protection from chemicals or radiation, surgical clothing, examination gowns made from man-made fibers, surgical masks and other masks made of non woven material, other than surgical masks

Furthermore, infrared thermometer also sanitary towels, sanitary tampons, baby diapers and similar articles made from materials other than textiles, paper or pulp for disposables. Previously, the ministry was ban masks, raw materials, antiseptics, and personal protective equipment export through the Minister of Trade Regulation Number 23 of 2020, which is also valid until June 30.

On Tuesday, the COVID-19 Handling Task Force reported that the number of positive cases jumped sharply from 579 to 686, said the spokesperson Achmad Yurianto. The death toll also increased to 55 from prior day 48 and the recovered remains 30 and is undergoing a second examination before being declared fully recovered.

Whil the chair, Doni Monardo, stated as many as 105,000 personal protective equipment (PPE) will delivers to a number of provinces, especially on Java as the most exposed area. The plan, other 70,000 units will arrives today and all of which are produced domestically by textile companies in Central and East Java.

So far, he noted, it has distributed 20,000 units to hospitals across the archipelago. He hopes the local government will immediately distribute this PPE to the existing hospitals. He have also talked to the minister of industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, to support the fulfillment of medical devices and other needs.

On Tuesday, in his direction to the governors, the President also ordered that all regional heads make detailed action plans, especially the spread of COVID-19, refocusing and budget reallocation in accordance with President Instructions Number 4 of 2020, including for social safety net and others.

Regarding the condition of emergency hospital in Jakarta, Monardo revealed, there are 102 patients who registered and from the test results as many as 71 people must be treated and two will be sent to RSAPD because the conditions are not good. Meanwhile, 31 people were sent home and they were in good health, he adds.

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