Indonesia Protests Malaysian Intervention over Illegal Fishing Oversight
Fisheries Minister has seized and blown up 170 foreign vessels she says operated illegally in local waters. Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsider) – Indonesian government sent a strong protest to the Malaysian government over the illegal fishing and intervening in fisheries surveillance in the territorial waters of the archipelago, said an official statement on Thursday (04/11).

According to Director General at the Maritime Affairs ministry Agus Suherman, the broadcast of the protest in the form of a diplomatic note was related to the incident of the arrest of two Malaysian-flagged fishing vessels in the Malacca Strait on April 3 and 9.

He considered that the incident in the Indonesian sovereignty was quite serious. Because, the vessel that intervened turned out to be under the official institution of the Malaysian government, the Malaysian Maritime Authority Agency.

He revealed that this diplomatic demand was the tip of the iceberg of previous Malaysian actions which were considered detrimental to the sovereignty of Indonesian waters. Suherman parsed, there were three reasons why the protest had to be filed immediately by the Indonesian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

First, Suherman considered the intervention as a form of violation of sovereignty. This is evident from the seizure of Malaysian speedboats entering Indonesian territory without permits. Moreover, the incident occurred twice a week, namely on April 3 and 9.

He explained, during the fishing process by Indonesian Shark Ship 08 and Leopard from, the Malaysian Maritime speedboat named Kapal Penggalang 13 conducted a maneuver on both vessels.

At that time, the Malaysian maritime police ship while shadowing foreign fishing boats in which there were Shark personnel. While trailing Indonesian ships, Malaysian maritime patrol personnel requested that the ship be secured by the authorities be released. However, the request was rejected and the two foreign-secured vessels remained for further legal proceedings.

Suherman added, not only a maneuver, three Malaysian helicopters were seen circling above the Shark Ship.

Furthermore, Suherman stated that Malaysian actions were included in obstruction of justice or obstructing the Indonesian law enforcement process. Because, Indonesia has the authority to supervise the sovereignty of the territorial waters and the wealth of the sea.

Moreover, in carrying out their duties and authorities, KP Shark 11 is based on a number of laws and regulations. For example, article 73 of UNCLOS and Article 66C of Law Number 31 of 2004 in conjunction with Law Number 45 of 2009 concerning Fisheries.

Finally, Suherman urged Malaysia to immediately stop illegal fishing in Indonesian waters. According to records from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Malaysian foreign fishing vessels have repeatedly entered Indonesian territory and carried out illegal fishing.

Latest, on April 4, the patrol boat of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries secured two Malaysian ships which carried out illegal fishing in the Malacca Strait. The officer gave a warning to stop the ship trying to escape.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: