EMR's Deputy Minister Archandra Tahar - Photo by MEMR

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) has launched the Mineral Online Monitoring System (MOMS) and e-PNBP Minerba application to improve export and tax revenues data. Under this new regulation, all employers must enter the data in the application.

Deputy Minister of EMR Archandra Tahar told reporters on Friday (02/11) time for entrepreneurs to register is only a week. He added, with single sign on, the miner only need to use one account for two applications.

“In a certain period they must register if not we will revoke their Work Plan and Budget,” said the official.

With the launch of these two web-based applications, stakeholders are facilitated to obtain accurate mining and mineral balance data as well as material for consideration of the national policy formulation of minerals or mineral mining policies, he added.

MOMS is the management of real time data and is accurate for the production and sale of the coal mineral sector. MOMS also facilitates the control and supervision of the production and sale of the national mineral and coal sector based on agreed plans. This application can be accessed both internal and external high level leaders.

In the MOMS application, the government will get real time daily reports such as daily online reporting, daily mineral updates and coal mining enterprises and daily update national mineral balance (strategic dashboard) as well as production, sales and warning recapitulation to regulate the pace of production.

As for business entities, this application can be used to monitor mining activities through the company’s dashboard contained in the application. As well as making it easier for companies to prepare data and report on the company’s performance to the government.

Meanwhile, the e-PNBP Minerba application is a web-based online application that is able to produce accurate calculations of company obligations along with applications for payment and repayment of mineral and coal non-tax revenues. This service is an integration of SIMPONI services at the Ministry of Finance.

Tahar stated, in the future, MOMS and e-PNBP Minerba applications will continue to develop in accordance with the development and needs of the related sectors but still pay attention to application security factors.

He continued that the transparency of the system is expected to improve exports, non-tax revenues and Domestic Market Obligation.

The director general for mineral and coal Bambang Gatot Ariyono said, as of Nov. 1st, 2018, there were 604 companies that had registered with 1,145 transactions and total non-tax revenues transactions of Rp691 billion (US$46.07 million).

In total, the non-tax revenues has reached Rp40.1 trillion from this year target Rp 43 trillion.

Written by Staff Editor, Email: theinsiderstories@gmail.com