Indonesia frees import duties on weapons, ammunition and related parts, military and the police goods - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian government frees import duties on weapons, ammunition and related parts, military and the police goods used for national defense and security purposes, finance ministry has announced on Monday (11/18). It regulated in the finance minister’s regulation PMK number 164 the year 2019.

In this regulation, ministries or institutions that have the authority to import weapons do not need to submit their approval to the minister through the director-general as stated in the previous rules of PMK number 191 the year 2016, article 8. In the new regulation, article 8 is removed, which reads:

“To obtain an exemption from import duty on imported goods as intended in article 2 letter A which will be used by the ministry of agency/body whose tasks and functions are in the field of national defense and security in addition to the ministry/institution/agency as referred to in article 3 paragraph 1, application for exemption import duty is submitted to the minister through the director-general.”

In the new regulation, for agencies or ministries wishing to import weapons, only the internal officials need to be signed, or at least echelon II appointed by the ministry/agency.

Weapons imports are only carried out by eight agencies such as the Presidential Institution, the Ministry of Defense, the Indonesian National Army Headquarters, the State Intelligence Agency, the State Cyber and Cryptography Agency, the National Narcotics Agency, and the National Agency for Combating Terrorism.

The new regulation also removes several conditions that should be attached to the import permit application. Now the application only needs to be accompanied by only two documents.

It consists of a form of goods and/or services procurement agreements that state explicitly, that the price in the goods/services procurement agreement does not cover payment of import duties and/or taxes in the framework of imports. Other are photocopies of decisions regarding the determination of certain industries producing goods for the purposes of national defense and security as well as the planned import of goods.

The document requirements are no longer used in filing arms imports, namely, a photocopy of a business license by showing the original document to the designated customs and excise officer, a photocopy of the taxpayer principal number used as identity in fulfilling rights and obligations in the customs field, and a photocopy of importer identification number.

It means that the country is free to import from any state’s weaponry. Because the importer identification number is now no longer valid. The new regulation comes into force after 30 days from the date of promulgation. The regulation was set in Jakarta on November 5, 2019, as stated in the rule.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: