Vice Minister of EMR Archandra Tahar Talked to Media - Photo: Special
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Ministry opened third stage auction for oil and gas working operations, said the ministry yesterday (06/11). Four blocks offered are South Andaman, Anambas, South Sakakemang, and Maratua. In this auction, investors can access data about the blocks for free.
Investors must pay the access fee later, only if they win the auction. Previously, investors paid US$80,000 maximum for each operating area, even before the auction.
“We have opened the action. Based on policy, we will ease data search for investors, please, we are opening the oil and gas data,” said Deputy Minister of EMR Ministry, Arcandra Tahar.
Blocks data access will be opened until Dec. 17. Document clarification forum will be opened from Nov. 12 to Dec. 17. Then, deadline for investors to submit document will be Dec. 19.
Government also implemented open tender auction system, so investors could do joint study first to know the oil and gas reserve potency. The special rights referred to ministrr regulation, stated that PT Pertamina can suggest direct offer for certain working operation.
He added, the state-owned energy producer has done joint study for Maratua block. First and second stage of Indonesia’s oil and gas operations auction weren’t fully sold.
Government has planned to put some unsold blocks to this third auction, such as Makassar Strait block and Selat Panjang block. But the ministry suspended the plan to evaluate those blocks.
An Italian oil and gas company, ENI S.p.A, put interest on Makassar Strait block, but government considered the company didn’t meet qualifications and requirements to win the auction. While Selat Panjang block did not attract any investors due to its previous operator had bankruptcy and couldn’t continue its operation.
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