Indonesia' anti-graft will Summon Samin Tan in Bribery Case
Indonesia anti-graft determined Samin Tan as suspect in coal mining concession in Central Kalimantan. Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)Indonesian anti-graft investigating team will summon PT Borneo Lumbung Energy & Metal owner Samin Tan to undergo a preliminary inspection following the determination as a suspect in the alleged bribery termination of the coal mining concession agreement on Feb. 15, told an official report on Thursday (02/21).

Despite being a suspect, Tan has not been detained and underwent an examination because he still needs to listen to the facts of the trial.

Therefore, today two witnesses were questioned, namely employees of PT Askin Koalindo Tuhup Vera Likin and a private officer  Fitrawan Tjandra.

In his case, Tan allegedly gave Rp 5 billion to deputy chairman of commission VIII of Parliament Eni Maulani Saragih in two times: on June 1, 2018 worth of Rp 1 billion and June 22, 2018 amounting to Rp 4 billion. The money was allegedly to complete the management of the termination of his company’s contract in Central Kalimantan with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR).

At present, two defendants in the vortex of this case are Saragih and Secretary General of Partai Golkar Idrus Marham still undergoing a trial process. Meanwhile, businessman and shareholder of PT Blackgold Natural Resources Ltd Johannes Budisutrisno Kotjo had already been sentenced to 2 years and 8 months. However, it has been aggravated to 4.5 years.

For his case, Tan is suspected of violating Article 5 paragraph (1) letter a or Article 13 of Law (Law) No. 31 of 1999 as amended by Law No. 20 of 2001 concerning the Eradication of juncto Corruption Article 64 paragraph (1).

As we know, Tan was listed as one of the richest people in Indonesia version of Forbes Magazine 2011 with a wealth of US$ 940 million. With the coal business, Tan fosters wealth coffers to establish business relations with the Bakrie Group. PT Bumi Resources Mineral Tbk (BUMI), Bakrie Group subsidiary, uses Tan’s Renaissance Capital Asia to acquire PT Kaltim Prima Coal from Beyond Petroleum Plc and Rio Tinto.

In 2006, Tan founded PT Republik Energi & Metal and took over PT Borneo Lumbung Energy. By Tan, PT Borneo Lumbung Energy estimated to have 69.2 million tons of coal reserves.

At the same time, Indonesian anti-graft has also determined a five-year sentence and a fine of Rp 200 million to the accused former Director Operational of Lippo Group Billy Sindoro, with six months in subsidiary on Meikarta project, told the Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) prosecutor on Thursday (02/21).

“Demanding that the panel of judges who prosecute and examine the case declare that the defendant Billy Sindoro was found guilty of committing a criminal act of corruption together and continues,” said CEC prosecutor I Wayan Rianawhen.

Sindoro was assessed by violating in Article 5 paragraph (1) letter b of Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the eradication of criminal acts of corruption as amended by Act number 20 of 2001 concerning changes to Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning Corruption Act Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st and Article 64 paragraph (1).

In the demands, the prosecutor believed Sindoro was giving bribes to the Bekasi Regent, Neneng Hassanah Yasin and his staff in the Bekasi government who were not active in issuing permits for the Meikarta project. The prosecutor called the money flowing at RP 16.18 billion and SS$ 270,000.

In addition to Sindoro, three other defendants namely former Lippo Group employees, Henry Jasmen were charged with a 4-year sentence and a fine of Rp 200 million, with 6 months in subsidiary. Then the former Lippo Group consultant Taryudi and Fitra Djaja Purnama were both charged with imprisonment for 2 years and a fine of Rp100 million, with three months in subsidiary.

Of the four defendants, Sindoro was charged with maximum punishment. The prosecutor apparently had his own reasons. Sindoro was once sentenced in a case of corruption in the form of bribery to CEC commissioners.

In addition, the prosecutor called this source of money for bribery cases originating from PT Lippo Cikarang. This was mentioned based on the statement of Ju Kian Salim who was the Town Management of PT Lippo Cikarang since 2016 and the director at PT Mahkota Sentosa Utama.

According to the prosecutor, Sindoro and his friends gave money to the Yasin Regent in stages according to the permits being taken care of. The first award was made after Yasin signed a permit covering an area of ​​84.6 hectares in Cibatu Village, South Cikarang Subdistrict, Bekasi. For that, Sindoro paid Rp 10 billion to Yasin.

The money is given in stages; in June 2017 (Rp 2.5 billion); July 2017 (Rp 2.5 billion); August 2017 (Rp 2 billion); October 2017 (Rp 1.5 billion); November 2017 (Rp 1 billion); and January 2018 (Rp 500 million).

Yasin received the money again on April 14, 2018. This money was received because it facilitated changes in the Bekasi District Spatial Plan to accommodate Meikarta. Related to this, Yasin gets SS$ 90 thousand.

Sindoro returned to deposit Rp 800 million to Yasin for delivering recommendations in the form of a site plan, block plan and technical advice on building permits and issuing Environmental Recommendations from the Environmental Service for the Meikarta project.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: