Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto at Asian Games 2018 - Photo by President Office
 VSJAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – A pollster Indikator Politik Indonesia conducted a survey on 2019 Presidential Election to gauge the electability of two pairs of candidates ,namely Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin and Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno. The survey was carried out from Sept. 1-6, 2018 with multistage random sampling method by asking Indonesian citizen who have voting rights in the election.

The survey read by  Executive Director of Indikator Politik Burhanuddin Muhtadi in Jakarta on Wednesday (26/09), reveals that the pair of Widodo-Amin led Subianto-Uno 57.7 percent versus 32.3 percent.

The question of the survey was : “If the presidential election is held today, who will you elect as president and vice president? ”

Here is the result of the survey:

Widodo – Amin : 57.7 Percent
Subianto – Uno : 32.3 Percent
Abstain            : 1 Percent
No Answer       : 9 PercentIn his presentation, Muhtadi also mentioned that in the last one year, the approval rating of Widodo is still high at around 60 to 70 percent. The percentage is a quite different with the Widodo’s approval rating in  2015 Indikator Politik Indonesia ‘s survey.

“His approval rating dropped in June 2015 . If Presidential Election was held at the time, the great possibility was Widodo lost in the election.” said Muhtadi.

But, ahead of 2019 Presidential Election, total respondents who are very satisfied and satisfied enough with Widodo’s performance as president is 72.4 percent and around 71 percent of the respondents believe on his capability to lead the country.

Here are the survey on the level of  people satisfaction and confidence to President Joko Widodo Performance :

Very Satisfied : 11.7 Percent
Satisfied Enough : 60.7 Percent
Less Satisfied : 23.4 Percent
Not Satisfied : 2.7 Percent
No answer/Not Know : 1.6 PercentOn Widodo’s Capability :

Strongly Believe ; 16.6 Percent
Believe : 54.0 Percent
Less Sure : 20.6 Percent
Not Believe : 2.8 Percent
Not Know : 6 Percent
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