The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) reported there are 12 public issuers are planning to buyback their shares in the secondary market with total amount Rp2.5 trillion (US$168.92 million) - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) stated that 37 companies ready to list their shares in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) this year. While, to date, there are 46 companies has been listed at the bourse.

According to the director, I Nyoman Gede Yetna, at the official statement released on Tuesday (11/19), 35 companies will list their stake in domestic market and two companies are processing listing to the foreign bourse.

In term of type of industry, the companies are derived from various industries which dominated from property, real estate and construction sector of nine companies, as well as trade, service and investment sector of eight companies. While others are from  consumer goods industry, agriculture, mining industry sectors.

Based on the IDX data, coal trader, PT Dana Brata Luhur Tbk (IDX: TEBE) becomes the 46th company which listed its shares at the bourse. The miner released 35 million units share to the public so the funds that will be reached are around Rp38.32 billion.

Followed Dana Brata, palm oil producer, PT Palma Serasih Tbk, will release 2.8 billion shares to the public with indicative price at Rp105 per share. Then, Prochiz producer, PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk (IDX: KEJU), offered 100 million shares with inital price of Rp750 a unit.

He said, with a a row of companies queuing up to go IPO, as much as 83 companies will become the new issuer at IDX. Its more than last year’ performance only 57 companies listed their shares at the bourse.

Next year, the local bourse eyes 76 emissions, which come from new shares, bonds, mutual funds, and other emissions. CEO of IDX Inarno Djajadi hopes five of 76 new emissions will come from state-own enterprises companies.

During fourth quarter of this year to first quarter of 20202, said Yetna, there are three issuers that will carry out additional capital with preemptive rights. The companies are, textile company, PT Trisula International Tbk (IDX: TRIS), small lender PT Bank Oke Indonesia Tbk (IDX: DNAR), and the logistics and courier company PT Trimuda Nuansa Citra Tbk (IDX: TNCA).

Trisula will offer 2.09 billion shares at an exercise price of Rp276 per share and targeting to raise funds around Rp577.90 billion. The funds will be used to acquire 78.52 percent stake in an affiliated company, PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk (IDX: BELL).

With this acquisition, TRIS hopes to become a more integrated garment textile company and increase its portfolio and diversification of textile and garment products and other related products, as well as expand its market share.

Then, Bank Oke will offer 2.53 billion with price at Rp197 a unit and is eyeing fresh funds amounting to Rp499.71 billion which will be used to expand the lender’ loan growth. One of the bank’ shareholders is South Korea’ Apro Financial.

Furthermore, Trimuda will issue 632.46 million new shares at Rp 344 a share to raise Rp217.56 billion. The company plans to acquire local insurance firm, PT Asuransi Staco Mandiri with worth Rp85.23 billion and increase its equity by Rp126.8 billion.

Djajai stated, in 2020, IDX will conduct an alternative market operator, product and new stock exchange service. As an initial step, the self regulatory office, will develop new ETP platform for bond trading. Then, derivative products, including structured warrants, index futures, single stock future and optimization of ETF trading.

The development of new services is carried out through the development of an electronic public offering system (e-IPO), the development of Securities Lending and Borrowing, the development of new industry classifications, enhancing trading system technology and increasing efficiency of developing trading systems.

Beside, Djajadi said, the bourse also continues to support the strengthening of the investor. To support the number of new investor at the bourse, IDX developed SLX services with the Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation, developed securities funding for investors through Indonesian Securities Funding, and expanded members’ business expansion through regional securities companies.

IDX projects total revenue in 2020 will be at Rp1.18 trillion (US$16.52 million), an increase of 1.71 percent compared to this year target Rp1.16 trillion. While the net profit will be at Rp101.36 billion and asset are projected to be Rp3 trillion.

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