Idrus Marham Named as Acting Chairman of Golkar as Novanto Files Pretrial Motion

Golkar Party chairman Setya Novanto (center). He is at risk of losing his position as Golkar Party Chairman after taken to the detention center of the Eradication Corruption Commission (KPK) despite being "ill". (photo: Golkar party)

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The plenary meeting of Golkar party’s central board on Tuesday (21/11) has agreed to appoint Secretary General Idrus Marham as Acting Chairman of the Golkar party.

The decision was made after the party’s Chairman Setya Novanto was taken to the Corruption Eradication Commission detention center for questioning over the high-profile electronic-ID card case.

The party members declined to sack or replace the party chairman permanently pending on the result of pretrial motion being filed by Setya Novanto against the Corruption Eradication Commission’s decision to declare Novanto as suspect in the graft case.

“The meeting has agreed to appoint Idrus Marham as Acting Chairman of Golkar until there is clear decision from the court,” Nurdin Halid, a Golkar executive board member, said.

Golkar also made decision after receiving hand-written letters from Setya Novanto, which were sent to Golkar party board as well as the House of Representative.

Hand-written letter sent by Setya Novanto to Golkar board

In a letter to House of Representative, Setya Novanto urges the House not to make any decisions with regard to his position as the House Speaker pending on the result of pretrial.

In a letter to the Golkar party board, Setya Novanto said he appointed Idrus Marham as Acting Chairman of Golkar until his court battle reaches final decision.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo said on Tuesday that he has told Setya Novanto to follow all the applicable legal process. “There is mechanism to dismiss someone from state entity’s post. Just follow the applicable regulations,” President Widodo said.

In the event that the pretrial process rejects Setya Novanto’s lawsuit, and that Novanto declines to tender resignation, then the plenary meeting of Golkar agrees to conduct extraordinary congress to appoint new party chairman, said Nurdin Halid.

Setya Novanto has filed pretrial motion against the Corruption Eradication Commission with the South Jakarta District Court. The court has set first trial session on Nov. 30, 2017. (*)