Global Review: Trump, Jon Un Meeting Will Calm Down World Tensions 

U.S's President Donald Trump - Photo by White House

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – United State’s (U.S) President Donald Trump has finally decided to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a most awaited event after canceling the meeting eight days before the date. He said in a statement on June 1, that he would hold a summit with Jong Un on June 12 in Singapore.

The meeting in Singapore, is intended to detract the Pyongyang‘s nuclear threat. The decision is taken after North Korea detonated explosives to destroy tunnels and buildings at the nuclear site in the country’s remote mountains on May 24, to ensure the transparency discontinuance of nuclear test.

Trump cancelled the summit via a letter released by the White House. The decision came after North Korea violated a series of promises and cut off direct communication with the U.S.

Pyongyang criticized U.S Vice President Mike Pence as a “political puppet” for comparing them to Libya, saying his comments were “dumb and stupid,” and threatened to cancel the meeting with Trump.

In addition, Pyongyang has not responded to queries regarding the logistics preparation for the leader’s summit in recent days, U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a Senate hearing.

The cancellation coupled with the threat of imposition of a tariff on vehicle imports drove the Wall Street down on May 24. The Dow Jones index down 0.3 per cent or 75.05 points to 24,811.76, the S&P 500 index slipped 0.20 per cent or 5.53 points at 2,727.76, while the Nasdaq Composite closed down 0.02 per cent or 1.53 points at 7,424.43.

In addition, the cancellation also brings effect to the European capital market with London and Frankfurt exchange dropped by almost 1 per cent.

After met Vice Chairman Kim Yong Chol of the Democratic People’s Republick of Korea in the White House on June 1, Trump admitted the discussion between the two countries in a very positive thing. Kim is the first North Korean leader who visited the White House in 18 years.

In the several meeting with global leaders like Japan and China, he said, they wants the United States help to solve the dispute in South China Sea and is going to be in Singapore. Mike Pompeo, the U.S’s Secretary of State has met North Korean authorities to actualize the meeting.

Trump stressed it, in the meeting in Singapore, he will ask Jong Un to ending the Korean war, the longest war for almost 70 years, and looking forward to signing of a document on it. He affirmed, if there is no agreement at the meeting, U.S has prepared hundreds of new sanctions ready to go on for North Korea.

During preparation meeting with Jong Un, Trumps has met with Prime Minister of Japan Sinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Trump addressed it, the steadfast alliance between Japan, South Korea and the U.S is an enduring force of peace and stability in the Pacific region and around the world.

He hope the upcoming meeting in Singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for North Korea new future for the world and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula would usher in a new era of prosperity, security, and peace for all Koreans.

A defense analyst at University of Indonesia Connie Rahakundini Bakrie told theInsiderStories that Trump ‘s willingness to meet and communicated personally with the North Korean leader should be appreciated. Because the summit of the two leaders of the nations that have been involved in a bitter enmity for a long time will calm down the World Tension on North Korea.

Diplomatic approach in the nuclear disarmament will directly has an implication for the World Peace. Not only to the coalition of the willing block which is the U.S and NATO  but also on the coalition of the non-willing states like China, and Russia.

The North Korean nuclear program has its roots in the 1950s and begins in earnest in 1989 with the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the main economic ally of North Korea. In 1956 the Soviet Union began to train North Korean scientist and engineers, giving them basic knowledge to initiate a nuclear program.

In 1958, The US deployed nuclear armed Honest John missiles and 280 atomic cannons to South  Korea . Since then the conflict between the United States and North Korea began while including the influences of the other members of the six-party talks: China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan.

The North Korean nuclear program can roughly be divided into four phases. Phase I (1956–80) dealt primarily with training and gaining basic knowledge. Phase II (1980–94) covers the growth and eventual suspension of North Korea’s domestic plutonium production program.

Phase III (1994–2002) covers the period of the “freeze” on North Korea’s plutonium program (though North Korea pursued uranium enrichment in secret)and Phase IV (2002–present) covers the current period of renewed nuclear activities.

The success of North Koran denuclearization will politically calm down the tension in the Korean peninsula and the regions. The stability of the regions will make it easier for the countries to pursue their economic growth and power said Bakrie.

But, The next question, is the U.S also ready to disarm its own nuclear arsenal? As we know,  the Pompeo has preached to the North Korea regime,  they should aware that the era of using nuclear arsenal for protecting and defending the nation has come ton and end.

But, at the same time, Pompeo should convince the U.S Defense Secretary James Mattis and Donald Trump to apply the same denuclearization program to the US nuclear arsenal also.

The United States was the first country to manufacture nuclear weapons and is the only country to have used them in combat, with the separate bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Before and during the Cold War, it conducted over a thousand nuclear tests and tested many long-range nuclear weapons delivery systems.

As of 2017,  the U.S has an inventory of 6,800 nuclear warheads; of these, 2,800 are retired and awaiting dismantlement and 4,018 are part of the U.S. stockpile. Of the stockpiled warheads, the U.S. stated in its April 2017 New START declaration that 1,411 are deployed on 673 ICBMs, SLBMs, and strategic bombers.

Indonesia as a country with free and active foreign policy said Bakrie should play fair and nothing by fairness in terms of the U.S stance of nuclear disarmament.

We believed, the two leaders have same commons bring the peace to the world and give a certainty to the global market. We hope so.