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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono, the founder of one of the Indonesian biggest hotel groups, Sahid Group, has died at the aged of 89, his son Haryadi Sukamdani confirmed on Thursday.

Sukamdani’s name is often connected with hotels. In several big cities in Indonesia, people can easily find Sahid hotel as one of the big famous hotels in that city. The existence of Sahid Hotel network could not be separated from the founder’s profile, Sukamdani Sahid Gito Sardjono.

He is not only a prominent national entrepreneur but also played active role in state activities.

As an entrepreneur, Sukamdani is a successful national figure in various areas, from hotels, property, trade, industry, etc.

As a well-known organizer, Sukamdani successfully led Indonesia’s Chamber of Commerce for two periods, from 1982-1998, while at the same time he also took part in the release of Law No. I/1987 about the association. He is also entrusted by a lot of other business organizations with the chairman position.

His involvement in state matters has taken him to the position as member of the Supreme Advisory Council and he was also Vice-Chairman for Economy, Finance and Industry Commission, in 1988-1993. Sukamdani was also active as the People’s Consultative Assembly member in 1987 – 1999 period.

In 1994, the Chinese government rewarded him the honor of People’s Friendship Ambassador for his role in promoting the recovery of Indonesia-China direct trade relations, a start for the re-establishment of Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China diplomatic relations back in 1990.

His concern for education has inspired him to establish Sahid Jaya Foundation, a foundation with concern in prosperity, education and social areas. As the founder of Indonesia’s Hotel and Restaurant Association, Sukamdani always have his eyes in tourism issues.

Sahid Tourism Education Institution is a pioneer for the establishment of other tourism schools, because at that time there was no formal education institution in tourism. In the past, Sahid education institution was the only integrated tourism education institution, with its relatively short course-time, high-school, academy, Tourism High School until university for Bachelor and Master Degrees.

As a reward for his contribution to education, in 1986, Sukamdani was rewarded doctor honoris causa degree in Economy and Social Sciences from Takoshoku University, in Tokyo, Japan and doctor honoris causa degree in Social, Education and Economy Sciences from European University, Antwerpen, Belgium in the same year. In 1997, before his 70th birthday, Sukamdani had the honor to receive Professor degree for Economy Sciences from Luohe University, Henan, People’s Republic of China.

Various activities and the honors he received reflected his involvement in various aspects of life. Sukamdani said, the key to his success is balance in everything, physically and mentally, materially and spiritually.

Sahid’s Projects

Hotels, apartments and offices built by Sahid Group are including Hotel Sahid Jaya International, which is the flag of Sahid’s core business in the hotel industry,  which has been listed on the stock exchange. With the intention of exercising effectiveness and efficiency in similar business, Hotel Sahid Jaya International made a liquidation of 8 Sahid hotels all over Indonesia, so in the future, there will be only one company in hotel industry which has hotel network everywhere, in Indonesia and abroad.

Right now, Sahid has 18 hotels, where the management contract is owned wholly or partially as well the ones where the management contract is under Sahid Hotel Network management.

Besides Sahid Jaya Hotel and Istana Sahid Apartment, located in an area of 5.5 hectares in the Jenderal Sudirman golden triangle, soon the group will build Sahid Tower for office and Sahid Perdana as boutique hotel, shopping center, supermarket and food center.

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