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Former CEO of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara Sofyan Basir has been Arrested by CEC - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Good morning! Anti-graft commission arrested non-active CEO of state-owned power producer PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) Sofyan Basir, on Monday (05/27), related to Riau-1 steam power plant case. He will be arrested for 20 days in the corruptors penitentiary behind the commission’ Merah Putih building.

Basir came to the anti-graft commission at 7 p.m. after following examination in Attorney General’ office. Previously, he was being examined once on May 6.

When being arrested for allegedly receiving bribed from Blackgold Natural Resources shareholder Johannes Budisutrisno Kotjo, Basir said he will follow the process.

The chief executive of PLN has been named a suspect in a graft case related to Riau-1 power project on April 23 by CEC. The anti-graft commission suspects that Sofyan Basir, “accepted the promise” of a bribe, or assisted other suspects to receive bribes, related to a construction contract for a power plant in Riau.

Since it was processed in July 2018, the anti-graft commission has named four people as suspects with three of them being convicted until they have permanent legal force. There is Eni Maulani Saragih – the former deputy chairman of Commission VII of the Indonesian parliament, who is currently serving a prison sentence of six years.

Furthermore, Johannes Budisutrisno Kotjo, a shareholder of Blackgold Natural Resources Ltd., is currently in the cell for 4.5 years. Then there was Idrus Marham – former Chairman of the Golkar Party and Social Minister of President Joko Widodo who was sentenced to prison for three years on Tuesday. In addition, there is Samin Tan, the owner of PT Borneo Lumbung Energy & Metal, who has been named a suspect.

The CEC said, the appointment of Basir as a suspect after going through the development of the investigation process and examining the facts that appeared at the trial until the judge’s consideration.

“We found sufficient preliminary evidence about the alleged involvement of another party in the alleged criminal act of bribery related to the agreement on the cooperation contract for the construction of the Riau-1 power plant,” the commission said.

Basir allegedly violated Article 12 letter a or b or Article 11 of the Law on the Eradication of Crime of Corruption in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 of the first Criminal Code or Article 56 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code juncto Article 64 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

The commission noted, suspect Basir allegedly helped Saragih and his friends receive gifts or promises from Kotjo. This bribery case originated from Kotjo who wanted to get a project at PLN but had difficulty getting access. He then asked for help from his old friend, Setya Novanto, who at that time served as Chairman of Indonesian Parliament and General Chair of the Golkar Party.

Novanto directed Kotjo to Saragih who partnered with PLN in accordance with Commission VII where she was in charge. Shortly, Saragih facilitated Kotjo’s meeting with Basir until various meetings took place. Basir has also been examined at the investigation level and during the trial.

After the bribery transaction between Saragih and Kotjo took place. On his way, Novanto stumbled over a corruption case of the electronic identity card project that made Saragih ‘turn’ to Marham as the chief executor of the Golkar party at that time. Marham was also called to direct Saragih to ask Kotjo for money for the sake of the general assembly of Golkar party where Marham was called to run for general chairperson.

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