Minister of state own enterprises (SOEs), Erick Thohir, aborted the formation of state-bank holding and chooses to sharpen the focus of each lender - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – State Own Enterprises (SOE) ministry placed former deputies as the CEO and deputy CEO of the government entities, said the minister in an official statement on Wednesday (11/20). Earlier, the minister Erick Thohir has dismissed seven deputies from their “job” on Nov. 19.

He said that the moves aims to carry out President Joko Widodo’ mission to create efficient and effective bureaucracy. Based on the written statement, former secretary of minister, Imam Apriyanto Putro, appointed as deputy CEO at fertilizer producer, PT Pupuk Indonesia.

Then, Gatot Trihargo as deputy CEO of food stabilization agent Perum Bulog, Hambra as deputy CEO of port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II, Wahyu Kuncoro become deputy CEO of pawnshop company PT Pegadaian, and Fajar Harry Sampurno as CEO of PT Barata Indonesia.

Beside change the ministry’ team, Thohir has planned to evaluate all the SOEs businesses and the management. Recently, he has called former governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahja Purnama and ex chair of Corruption Eradication Commission, Chandra Hamzah become the member of director and commissioner of SOEs.

He also mentioned, after picked two vice ministers, the founder of Mahaka Group, would cut the number of deputies to only three positions from currently seven positions after Widodo picked two deputy ministers, Budi Gunadi Sadikin and Kartika Wirjoatmodjo to help him.

Sadikin, the former managing director of PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium, specifically leads the energy sector. While, his partner Wirjoatmodjo, former president director of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (IDX: BMRI), managed the banking, insurance, core insurance, and infrastructure sectors.

Besides deputy, said Thohir, he will review the employees under him to reach his target. He asserted, “To manage the Rp8,200 trillion US$585.71 million) assets from 140 SOEs, I need teamwork, which is filled with people who are not only smart but also good morals,” said the minister.”

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