Edwin Soeryadjaya

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Businessman Edwin Soeryadjaya as well as private television operator PT Surya Citra Media Tbk (IDX:SCMA) will become new shareholders of PT Tempo Inti Media Tbk (IDX:TMPO) through subscribing the rights issue to be issued by the company. Tempo Inti Media is the publisher of Tempo magazine. In a filing to the Indonesian Stock Exchange, Tempo unveils its plan to issue 333 million of new shares at price of Rp300 per share. The existing main shareholder Tempo Foundation which currently holds 25.01 per cent of the company’s shares has decided not to subscribe the rights issue. As a result, the foundation’s shares in the company will dilute. Businessman Soeryadjaya plans to purchase 16.3 million units of shares, Surya Citra Media 8.3 million and the remaining shares to be purchased by other investors, including PT Sukses Perdana Mandiri, PT Sinar Ganda Jaya and Burlingham International Ltd.

Following is the shareholding composition of Tempo Inti Media after the rights issue:

  1. Tempo Foundation 17.13 per cent (down from 25.01% before rights issue)
  2. PT Grafiti Pers 24.28 per cent (unchanged)
  3. PT Jaya Raya Utama 16.28 per cent (unchanged)
  4. Employee Foundation of Tempo 12.09 per cent (unchanged)
  5. Jaya Raya Foundation 8.54 per cent (unchanged)
  6. Bambang Harymurti 0.38 per cent (unchanged)
  7. Goenawan S. Mohamad 0.11 per cent (unchanged)
  8. Public 13.31 per cent (unchanged)
  9. Edwin Soeryadjaya 1.57 per cent
  10. PT Sukses Perdana Mandiri 1.57 per cent
  11. PT Surya Citra Media Tbk 0.79 per cent
  12. Burlingham International Ltd 2.36 per cent
  13. Erika Agatha Martono 0.003 per cent.

Written by: Insider Team