US President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping shake hands ahead of their bilateral meeting during the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan on Saturday - Photo: AP.

JAKARTA (InsiderStories) – Facing the uncertainty of trade negotiations with United States (US) President Donald Trump, China plans to give a high-level political offer by rationalizing his’ re-election in 2020 as a pretext for capturing US President to the peace table.

The strategy will be a new choice for China to perpetuate negotiations to avoid penalties imposed by Trump since March last year.

According to the Chinese economists, Trump is using the protracted sentence as his political offer in the 2020 presidential election, mainly to attract support from his base, and from Democrats, who are known to be very insistent on China.

However, few China officials disagree if the government chooses this path because it can capture China in a circle of accusations of acting in the US election, as exhaled to Russia in 2016.

Some say that Trump will give them a better deal. As a pragmatist, and after winning the re-election, Trump prefers to be friends with China rather than keep fighting. However, whatever happens, China needs to be prepared for protracted confrontation.

China also called on the US to immediately cancel plans to sell weapons to Taiwan worth US$2.2 billion, which includes battle tanks and antiaircraft missiles.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang stated, the US State Department’s decision to approve the plan to sell weapons to Taiwan seriously violated the One China principle, in which the US deeply interfered in China’s internal affairs and damaged China’s sovereignty and security interests.

Shuang said the Chinese government had submitted a formal complaint through diplomatic channels to convey “displeasure and strong rejection” over the steps of the Department. The cancellation was intended to avoid damaging China-US relations and endanger peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Reportedly, there is something wrong with Trump and his Asia policy officials. President Trump built ties between the US and China with trade-oriented while his Asia policy officials focus on military aggressiveness as opposed to rivals. These two different orientations made bad relations in the future. US and China are still rising good relations amid a trade war.

Previously, the US agreed for two weapons deals with Taiwan during Trump’s presidency, one two years ago for $1.4 billion and another last year for $330 million.

The US previously considered the proposal to purchase weapons from Taiwan. The two countries realized the request would get a reaction from China. Therefore, Congres consider the proposal as the US does with other countries.

The current US decision is, of course, different from last year. The fact that the US State Department approved the sale of weapons and tanks to Taiwan.

While, Trump, who was meeting with Western officials this week, expressed his worries about the US and China trade war. He also spoke over a potential security threat if European nations allowed the Chinese company Huawei to build next-generation 5G communications networks.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke with European officials about the same concern during his visit to several European countries.

He said China is very aggressive and wants to be the dominant economic and military power of the world. “China also wants to spread its authoritarian vision for society and its corrupt practices worldwide,” Pompeo said.

He added about the issue of Huawei which is also a special concern among European leaders. “We talked today about these shared concerns and as well as the concerns about technology, and the 5G infrastructure network, ” he told

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