Central Java regional government will offer an investment worth of Rp86.34 trillion (US$6.12billion) to the investors - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)Central Java regional government will offer an investment worth of Rp86.34 trillion (US$6.12billion) to the investors, said the official on Wednesday (10/30). The projects to offer ranging from tourism to agriculture.

Head of the Investment and One Door Integrated Service Office, Ratna Kawuri, explained, one project to offer is the development of the Agroedupark Tlogowening tourism district in Semarang with total costs Rp361.5 billion.

Then, an integrated shrimp fisheries industry development project in Cilacap worth of Rp550.02 billion, Solo Convention-Exhibition Hall worth Rp124.48 billion, ship docking project in Rembang Rp45.50 billion, and a saline tilapia hatchery project in Pati with costs of Rp11.93 billion.

Beside the projects, Central Java’ governor Ganjar Pranowo plans to build three industrial sectors such as food-drink products, textiles, and textile products, and furniture.

“We want Central Java to become the center of Indonesia’ furniture. The President understood very well about that. So we pushed this from before,” he said.

He expected that there will be industrial development in Brebes, the acceleration of connectivity infrastructure in the Borobudur area, and the strengthening or addition of capacity from the Port of Tanjung Mas, Semarang, in order to support the Kendal industrial area, Central Java.

Recently, Indonesian government prepared Central and East Java provinces as the center of national economic development. Both province were considered to have the driving force towards the country’ export and investment performance.

President Joko Widodo hoped that investment and development in East Java will later be able to make a major contribution to national economic growth. He advised the governors focus on the effort to completed the program as soonest as possible.

East Java’ governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa has launched a plan to build a public transportation system to connect Gresik-Bangkalan-Mojokerto-Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Lamongan or called Surabaya Eastern Ring Road.

In the meeting with the president and the ministers, Parawansa said, in addition to facilitating connectivity between one district in an industrial area in the region, it would also provide additional public transportation, including Light Rail Transit.

She also hoped that the project can be expanded to the city of Tuban, in anticipation of the Tuban refinery development project. The petrochemical project itself is still awaiting completion of land.

In addition, she also announced plans to develop a cable car to connect major tourist destinations in the province such as Mount Bromo, the Tengger plateau and Mount Semeru to encourage development in these areas.

US$1: Rp14,000

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