Hinca Pandjaitan, spokesman for the opposition team.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian opposition leader Prabowo Subianto will appeal the election results to the Constitutional Court with evidence of structured, systematic and massive fraud, said member of Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno Winning Team.

“The report to the Constitutional Court will be submitted on May 21-24 according to the deadline,” Hinca Pandjaitan, spokesman for the opposition team, said in Jakarta, on Tuesday (05/21).

Previously, the opposition said it would not complain about the results to the Constitutional Court because it proved to be “a waste of time.”

“It is likely that the campaign team will not go to the court. We did that in the 2014 election, and we saw that the court was useless in resolving the presidential election dispute. There is no point in going to the court,” said Fadli Zon, the deputy chairman of the Gerindra Party last week.

He adds, they preferred the “people power” or street action with demands to disqualify incumbent Joko Widodo – Maruf Amin, who was considered to have won the contestation with widespread fraud. The rallies will begin for two days: today and tomorrow in front of the GEC and the Election Supervisory Agency office.

In the plenary recapitulation of the national vote results, the election commission set the Widodo – Amin pair as the winner of 2019 presidential election. They won 55.5 percent of the vote to Subianto-Uno’ 44.5 percent.

The commission will determine the elected president-vice president on May 24 if there are no lawsuit disputes over the results of the presidential election submitted to the court. The lawsuit to the court has a time limit of 3×24 hours after the determination of the recapitulation of national vote results.

However, a spokesman for the constitutional court Fajar Laksono stressed that there was no sound margin threshold in submitting a dispute over the results of the presidential election.

“Law Number 7 Year 2017 concerning Election does not regulate the matter of the difference threshold (vote of the presidential election) to be submitted to the court. The matter is arranged if there are objections to the GEC’ determination of the vote, then he has the right to file an election result dispute to the Court with a deadline,” he said.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: lexy@theinsiderstories.com