PT Indosat Tbk (IDX: ISAT) announced that it has paid off part of the debt worth of Rp301 billion (US$21.32 million) - Photo by the Company

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Neama has officially appointed to lead PT Indosat Ooredoo Tbk (IDX:ISAT), an Indonesian cellular operator, followed the resignation of former president director Chris Kanter. The nomination announced by Indosat’ president commissioner Waleed Mohamed Al Sayed in the official statement last week.

Al Neama is not a new figure in the telecommunication industry. He has been spent 15 years of his career in the subsidiary of Qatar’ Ooredoo Group LLC. Before lead the company, his one of Indosat’ board of commissioner members.

Al Neama graduated from the United States’ University of Colorado Denver (200-2003). He began his career in 2010-2012 by holding a strategic position as Senior Manager – Network radio access and Rollout Management at Ooredoo.

Then in 2012-2013, Al Neama was appointed as Director of Demand and Project Management, who was responsible for leading the management of all roll-out programs & projects in Network (across core, radio, access and transport networks) and IT (various platforms, hardware, and others).

In addition, he responsible for driving the co-ordination of and delivery of all products, services, and change requests within Technology. Then, Al Neama appointed as Senior Director of Radio Network in 2013, who was responsible to manage the planning, design, rollout, optimization, operation, and maintenance activities across all Ooredoo Radio access networks.

This include LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G, Microwave, Tetra, Wimax, paging and any future wireless access technologies to ensure optimum quality and network performance at all times and ensuring customers receive the level of service determined by the organization.

Given of his ever greater contribution to the company, since 2014 to present, Al Neama has been included in the company’s strategic leadership by serving as a Member of the Board of Directors of Ooredoo Oman. Then, since 2015, Al Neama has served as Chief Sales & Service Officer of Ooredoo Qsc.

In Oeredoo Qatar, Al Neama served as Chief Sales and Service Officer for nine years. As a member of the Executive Management team, contributed to the development and refining of the vision, and strategy for Ooredoo, and to the overall process of management and corporate decision making to ensure the company maximizes its short, medium and long term profitability returns to its shareholders.

Then, from 2017 to April 2019, Al Neama served as Chief Technology Officer of Ooredoo Group. Al Neama also serves as a current Member of the Board of Commissioners of Indosat and Board Member of Ooredoo Myanmar Ltd since May 2018 and entered on Ooredoo Tunisie’s Board of Directors as a Member of the Board of Directors.

The Al Neama appointment appeared after the shareholders meeting on May 2. The change of directors was not scheduled by the shareholders. Based on Law Number 40 Year 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies, that management must submit the agenda to regulator before held the extraordinary shareholders meeting.

However, the election of Al Neama is rationally, considering the company has allocated capital expenditure of Rp30 trillion (US$2 billion) for the next three years to strengthen the company’ business line. The funds will be obtained from bond issuance, rights issue, and sell the tower base transceiver station.

Last year, the issuer recorded a total increase in data usage reaching 72.2 percent, to around 1.87 terra bytes from the previous year. Its expected, the appointment of Al Neama, will encourage the company performance to be better and competitive in the future.

In addition, since 2018, the company has also rose broadband penetration and supported Indonesia’ 2020 Digital Economy vision by completing the process of rearranging the 2.1 GHz radio frequency band faster than scheduled by the government, where the Jakarta-1 and Central Java-3 Clusters is the last cluster of frequency band rearrangements, successfully completed in February 2018.

Al Neama as the Ooredoo Group’ Chief of Technology and Information Officer attended the event and was witnessed by the Frequency Spectrum Monitoring Center of Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Al Neama was declared successful because he could accelerate the frequency rearrangement project of the government’s target on March 1, 2018.

This frequency rearrangement project is said to stimulate broadband penetration in Indonesia, which will have an impact on increasing national GDP, better people’ welfare because it gives them access to information and market access through technology and can contribute significantly to the government’s target to obtain more than $130 billion with 50 percent annual growth of online businesses where the telecommunications sector is the backbone of the e-commerce industry in Indonesia.

Last year, the company experienced worsening financial performance, in which the revenues fell 27 percent to Rp23.14 trillion and EBITDA which only reached Rp7.6 trillion, down 44 percent from Rp13.6 trillion in 2017. Indosat’ customer numbers also dropped 47.3 percent to 58 million.

The presence of Al Neama  will certainly give a fresh injection to the company to continue to improve and record positive results this year and in the coming years.

US$1 = Rp14,200

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: