Indonesia blamed American manufacturer Boeing Co., Lion Air' staffs and other issues on the JT 610 crashed a year ago - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – After searching for months, the Indonesian Navy and National Committee for Transportation Safety founded the Lion Air JT-610‘ Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) which crashed in Ujung Karawang sea, West Java, on Dec. 29, 2018.

The team managed to evacuate CVR from the seabed that was hit by mud as deep as 8 meters in a depth of 30 meters. The device was discovered by a team of Indonesia frog command divers and underwater diver service I today at 09.10 a.m local time, the official team reported on Monday (01/14).

The discovery of Lion Air JT-610 CVR is expected would be open the veil of information that has been confusing during the plane crash. A week before, the authorities had just released the CVR search team for the Lion Air PK-LQP aircraft at Jakarta International Container Terminal 2 Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

The investigation took place since Jan. 11, where the team conducted a dive with KRI Spica-934 Diving Station at a depth of 28-42 meters using Mixgas Crabe Diving and Scuba Ping Locater detection equipment, loan from Singapore and the Committee by 21 Indonesian Navy divers.

The results, the sound of ping and the signal from CVR disappeared, the possibility of the battery is weak after 73 days crashed. It found that accelerometers where the original position was adjacent to CVR. Furthermore, suctioning of mud sand in the suspected CVR is hidden by using Airman Ejector.

According to the available information, the location of the CVR discovery was not far from the location of the Lion Air PK-LQP plane a few months ago. Previously, the Lion Air plane with flight number JT 610 crashed in Karawang sea on Oct. 29, 2018. The total there were 189 passengers and crew members on the airplane.

In the official report before, the agency has analyzed data from the Flight Data Recorder and revealed in the results of the interim investigation. There are findings of Lion Air PK LQP airspeed indicators which were damaged in the last four PK-LQP flights.

However, the findings could not be concluded as the cause of the JT 610. The Committee intends to continue the investigation.

In addition, damage was also found to the angle of attack (AoA) sensor. AoA is a measure of the plane’s angle to air flow. The AOA sensor shows differences when flying before JT 610, which is from Bali to Jakarta.

On the other hand, Lion Air also after the search for the bodies of passengers of the Lion Air PK-LQP plane and CVR. Lion Air budgeted Rp.38 billion for this investigation.

Lion Air brought in a sophisticated vessel to look for the CVR and the bodies of undiscovered passengers after it crashed at the end of October 2018. But the results were still nothing.

However, based on this result, the CVR has been found and the truth of the facts and data about the event is immediately revealed.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: