Telkom Indonesia’s MDI Ventures Leads $4M Investment in Singapore’s Anchanto

Photo by Telkom Indonesia

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)–Anchanto, a Singapore headquartered pan-Asia SaaS technology company has raised US$4 million in the first round of its ongoing Series C investment, led by MDI Ventures, Telkom Indonesia’s corporate venture capital arm.

MDI Ventures’ funding comes after Series B funding from Transcosmos Inc Japan and Luxasia Group, Singapore in May 2017. The proceeds of the fund will be used to expand the market outreach and to build a stronger regional Southeast Asia presence.

Anchanto’s SaaS platforms connects eCommerce sellers, brands, retailers and warehousing & fulfillment service providers to over 70 eCommerce sales channels. Using Anchanto’s platforms, enterprise businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can manage core eCommerce business operations such as warehousing services, catalogue, pricing, multi-channel selling, logistics, and local & cross-border shipping., Anchanto’s signature SaaS product for sellers and brands provides a software solution to manage their inventory, orders, and catalogues across over 50 different marketplaces in Asia. Anchanto also offers B2B and B2C eCommerce SaaS Warehouse Management System (eWMS) with an integrated Inventory Management System (IMS) and Order Management System (OMS).

Over the last 12 months, sellers across the region have processed more than 12 million orders totaling more than $258 million in gross merchandise volume (GMV) through both SelluSeller and eWMS platforms.

Anchanto CEO and Founder Vaibhav Dabhade in a press release on Tuesday (3/7) said “Collaboration with Telkom Indonesia and MDI’s investment is the foundation of Anchanto’s Indonesia Strategy. Through this collaboration, we aim to enable thousands of Indonesian SMEs, Micro-SMEs, and Enterprise businesses to join the eCommerce bandwagon, and seamlessly onboard them on Telkom Indonesia’s DELON (, for eCommerce fulfillment/warehousing and other digital services. Essentially, we are going to empower Indonesian entrepreneurs to scale their businesses in Southeast Asia’s biggest eCommerce market.”

Telkom with its  strong user base of more than 170 million, digital platforms, mobile payment, and business solutions is the ideal partner for Anchanto to scale up in Indonesia. DELON (Depo Logistik Online), a Pos Indonesia and Telkom Indonesia joint logistics platform, has its fulfillment centers running on Anchanto eWMS platform. Interestingly, MDI is the third customer to invest in us. This is an excellent vote of confidence in our technology, team, vision and strategy from the very users of our software platform” added Vaibhav.

Natal Iman Ginting, Managing Director of Metra Logistics, Telkom Indonesia’s Logistics Business Division, says that the exclusive partnership with Anchanto would expand the businesses including cross-border to empower Indonesia’s SMEs into the region.

Telkom Group will be using Anchanto’s technology to provide integration of O2O solutions and e-logistics capabilities including cross border shipments, multi-location warehousing, hyper localization that enable companies to global market selling via SelluSeller and eWMS,” says Natal.

Nicko Widjaja, CEO and Investment Director of MDI Ventures, says that the investment will complete the end-to-end e-commerce solutions that’s currently in the portfolio, and empower the nation’s eCommerce ecosystem.

“This Investment complements our efforts in e-commerce sector, tackling different market segments of Indonesia’s logistics landscape with different approaches. Logistic technologies have an enormous potential for improving the e-commerce landscape in Indonesia. As products become more diverse, eCommerce will need to optimize the supply chain to be delivered as quickly as possible to the customers. Anchanto’s eWMS provides one of the best dedicated system to synchronize across warehouse management, transportation, and analytics systems,” says Nicko.

MDI Ventures is currently the most active venture capital company in Indonesia with investments in 10 countries and over 7 vertical technologies. It is a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (IDX: TLKM) with a US$100 million funds.

The MDI’s investment in line with the Telkom Indonesia’s interest. Their portofolio mostly in Indonesian startup, however, the company also invests in Singapore, United States, Japan, Philippines, and India.

MDI earlier invested in Roambee, a startup developer of the Internet of Things (IoT) service. The fund injection made Roambee close to complete funding of US$10 million and rapid expansion in 7 countries in 14 months. The fund will be used to boost Roambee’s entry into the Indonesian and Southeast Asian logistics market.